A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter twenty six

Just a single double-sided chapter. Obviously Hamilton couldn’t follow up the nasty mess that was last chapter with the plot continuing. She needed to let it fester a little.

After her night of intimidating witnesses, she gets woken up at quarter to seven. It’s Dolph, with the unfortunate news that there’s another case. Another family has been killed. Anita is perturbed by how far the insane zombie travelled on its roaring rampage of terror – the new case is mrrrrmmmrmm miles away. As I don’t know the geography of St.Louis, I don’t know how far apart St.Peters and St.Charles are. Some information might be helpful for the reader.

‘Why did it travel so far to feed?’

‘You’re asking me?’ he said. There was something almost like laughter in his voice. ‘Come on out, Ms. Voodoo Expert. See what there is to see.’

She’s not a voodoo expert. If she’s a voodoo expert, then I’m fucking hetronormative.

‘Did you get the warrant?’

‘It’ll come in this afternoon late.’

‘No one gets warrants on a weekend,’ I said.

‘Special panic-mode dispensation,’ Dolph said.


What? Why have I got this picture? Sorry, I need an active female protagonist that I don’t hate. And isn’t stupid.

‘No warrants on the weekend’ what bullshit is this? What, does the entire judicial system shut down because it’s the weekend? All forms of prosecution stop at five pm on Friday and resume at 9am on Monday. If you get into trouble on Saturday or Sunday, then GOD SAVE YOU. Because the police aren’t going to lift a fucking finger.

Dolph goes off, hopefully to be fired for being massively incompetent, and Anita is thinking. Oh noes, she isn’t a voodoo expert! Hah. We all know that seeing as you seem to think it’s automatically evil and without morals. She can’t involve Manny because Dominga might so what Anita should have done – shop him to the police. What a problem.

Her answering machine has a message from John Burke. Goodie.

Great, a murder scene, a trip to the morgue, and a visit to voodoo land, all in one day.

If you don’t like the fire, get out the oven.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter twenty six

  1. I’m from St. Louis. St. Peters and St. Charles are roughly 10 miles apart. I checked Google maps, and that would be a 2 1/2 to 3 hour walk.

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