A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter twenty three

So, Anita’s heading off to the red light district today. You know what I expect?

Whores, whores, whores, whores, prostitutes… and a heaping big pile of shit thrown at them. (If you get the reference, you are statistically awesome.)

The Tenderloin was originally the red light district on the Riverfront in the 1800s. But the Tenderloin, like so much of St. Louis, moved uptown. Go down Washington past the Fox Theater, where you can see Broadway traveling companies sing bright musicals. Keep driving down Washington to the west edge of downtown St. Louis and you will come to the resurrected carcass of the Tenderloin.

I’m sorry, but the history of the Tenderloin sounds far more interesting than anything Anita might be up to. I want to know how it got the name.

JC is driving down with Anita, and she can’t cope with the fact he’s as silent as the grave.

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

JC talks about how these streets are singing out to him – they’re full of such delicious life and pain and love. Anita twigs that he hasn’t had the chance to eat tonight. She asks, unusually politely, that he not hunt in the redlight district as they’re searching for Wanda.

‘Give me a reason, Anita.’

Because you’re meant to be stopping her from getting beaten up or something, not focusing on eating people? Anita says it’s illegal for him to feed on unwilling victims and the penalty is death.

‘They are just whores, pimps, cheating men. What do they matter to you, Anita?’

Yeah, and that means they deserve to die. You’re such an arsehole JC. Anita is surprisingly non-bitchy and says that everyone has a right to life. No one has a right to kill them. I’m amazed by the fact that vampires are apparently incapable of feeding without killing someone. How much blood do they need to stay alive?

This is all foreplay for JC to make Anita more of a servant and a slave. He wants to know all about her, understand her better, and so threatens to kill people to do so. Lovely. At some point in the conversation they got out the car and are now walking amongst the working girls. It’s called curb-crawling for a reason, dumbasses – it means you don’t have to be hassled by every girl there is.  Of course, this is all one big opportunity to show off how handsome and gorgeous JC is, as the prostitutes come up and offer to have sex with him for free.

Hamilton, I think you’ve misunderstood prostitution here.

He casts them off with his magical vampire powers which have suddenly got miraculous more powerful due to the presence of a human servant. Anita is all OH NOES THIS MEANS I AMHIS HUMAN SERVANT even though this has already been extensively proved and talked about and gone over and we are just going around in fucking circles and how the hell did he get more powerful, what bullshit is this? You just pulled this out of your ass Hamilton and it smells like crap. In fact, it is crap. It’s vague undefined mystical vampires powers that you can exploit just to make JC and Anita super powerful special snowflakes.

Thankfully, this chapter is short. JC just talks about how if either of them died it would hurt the other (how about you both die?) and then Anita gets propositioned by a rentboy who tells her where Wanda is.


One thought on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter twenty three

  1. I don’t think it’s ever actually stated how much a vampire needs to drink to live. Sometimes there’s implied death, like here, other times it’s implied or shown that they don’t need much at all.

    …yeah, no. No matter how hot a guy is, these women need to make money, or else they may have no place to sleep, get beaten by their pimp, etc., and not only would having sex with JC for free mean no money from him, it would mean no money from a paying customer they could have used that time to bang instead. It’s just there to show how ~desireable!~ JC is and he wants Anita so therefore Anita is hot.

    Vague undefined crap to make Anita an ever-more-and-more special snowflake is going to be a trend in the series, btw.

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