A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter fourteen

It’s night-time. There are no fat pudding bowl cats. Anita is back at Burrell Cemetery with the police and a team of exterminators. Well, if they come along some giant insects, I’m sure they’ll be just great. No, they’re zombie exterminators armed with flamethrowers stocked with napalm. Um, using napalm is not allowed to be used against a civilian population. The United Nations has banned its use outside the confines of war. So there is no chance the police could use something so dangerous and harmful as napalm.

Anyway, Anita has super-speshul animator powers which let her sense out the grave the killer zombie rose from. I think there’s a slight problem with this. Anita only thinks it MIGHT be a zombie. She has no real evidence that it’s a zombie. The evidence, in fact, points away from it being a zombie. In short, I think this is at risk of being Entirely Pointless.

Anita handily points out that if a zombie attacks someone, they shouldn’t use the napalm in them. I should really hope not. I don’t want to point out the effects of napalm on the human body.

[The female exterminator is scared].  She was entitled to it. Why did it bother me so much? Because she and I were the only women here, and we had to be better than the men. Braver, quicker, whatever. It was a rule for playing with the big boys.

I don’t know whether I like that or not. The thing is, I find Anita Blake so abhorrent as a character that I can’t like anything she says, even if it is a correct assessment of women working in the police and the military must out-perform men to be taken seriously – or at least, twenty or so years ago. I doubt it’s the case now.

Death didn’t bother me much. Strong Christian and all that.

Yes, being a Christian means you are ‘meh’ about death. Anyway, she’s all upset that she’s afraid of a zombie because it’s terrible to be scared of something that can tear your face off.

I could wander aimlessly all bloody night. Had I really thought that I could just accidentally walk over the right grave?

Yes. Yes you did. Because you are an idiot.

Anita talks about how she’s always had an affinity for the dead. When she was thirteen, she got her dog to rise from the grave… which makes no sense considering what she’s already said about animating and raising the dead. What did she kill to bring back the dog? It freaked out her stepmother so they sent her to Grandma Flores to learn how to control making dead animals follow her around by accident. She went to college and majored in biology with an emphasis on the supernatural, even thought vampires only became legalised and known about a few years ago.

I hate this goddamn book.

Anita feels out for graves and the spirits in the graves all grab at her and say ‘Piss off bitch’. She finds a grave where a zombie rose. She knows a clairvoyant called Evans who can sense whether this is the evil man eating zombie that we don’t know exists. The gravestones was destroyed so they don’t know who the zombie is. Anita says that defacing a gave isn’t a crime which I say is LIES.

Out there somewhere, the zombie was feeding again.

You don’t know that! You don’t even know it’s a zombie!


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter fourteen

  1. I think what bothers me when she makes comments like that is that she’s not criticizing the system that requires women to perform above and beyond just to be considered competent, but instead criticizes the woman who doesn’t do so and dares react in a normal way unlike her tough manly self. Instead of the problem being presented as being with the faulty standards, the problem is that the other woman isn’t living up to those standards like Our Heroine.

    …also, how did I never think to ask what she killed to raise the dog? It’s a canon fact you need to kill something to raise something, how could she just be accidentally raising dead dogs? Maybe you only need sacrifices for humans? I don’t know.

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