A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter thirteen

Anita goes outside. It is hot. There are cobblestones. There are tourists. Anita hates tourists. There,  I summed up about four hundred pointless words.

Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City, walked towards us. He moved like a dancer, or a cat, a smooth, gliding walk. Energy and grace contained, waiting to explode into violence.

He’s like a cat? MIND CANON CORRECT! We are given a very long description of what Jean-Claude looks like. Here’s my summary: he is perfectly bland. He greets her with ‘ma petite’ because he’s foreign and we must prove this whenever he opens his mouth.

Hamilton’s Jean-Claude is (apparently) smooth and suave.

MY Jean-Claude greets her like this:

“Anita!!! Where have you been? I’ve only had Mister Puddykins to talk to and I’ve been going out of mind with worry! I had to sit on my own and watch General Hospital with only Puddykins and eat chocolate on my own! Why didn’t you call Anita, why didn’t you call? I MISSED YOU SO MUCHHHHH.”


Anita introduces Irving and Jean-Claude and the two circle around each other like two dogs sniffing each other and about to attack each other over a mate. JC demands that Anita see him tonight –

“Anita, come and share a can of tuna with me and Mister Puddykins! We’re going to watch Days of Our Lives and bake cupcakes!”

– so that she can be more under his control.

‘He’s the new Master of the City, isn’t he?’ It was Irving.

Oh well done Irving you are massively perceptive

JC says that he’ll give Irving an interview when he’s talked to Anita. And then mind controls him because woooo fun. Anita and JC talk about doing things in public, and then they talk about the two marks he put on Anita and blaaaaahhhhh i really don’t care it is so dull

They arrange to meet at eleven at The Laughing Corpse (TITLE DROP) and ahahahahaah JC owns it because shut up. Irving gives Anita the file and there’s longing glances everywhere and then tourists show up.

‘If you snap my picture, I will take the camera away from you and break it.’ I smiled while I said it.

The man lowered his camera uncertainly. ‘Geez, just a little picture.’

Okay, I’m sort of on board with stopping people taking pictures of you when you don’t want them to. However, there are better ways to do it. Politer ways. This is just a moment used so Hamilton can show off how TOUGH and BADASS Anita is by having her be a bitch to yet another person.

Anita just sort of walks off, leaving Irving and JC alone, something which I would actually be interested in. I want to know what the interview is about, damnit! It’d be really cool! But no, we have to follow Anita’s story.

The interview in my head is about JC’s latest line of cat couture.


2 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter thirteen

  1. Your JC is so much better. And yes, for some reason Anita is such a celebrity that even when she’s investigating a serial killer in Las Vegas, the Vegas paparazzi that show up to photograph the crime scene where a stripper was killed recognize her and start focusing on her instead and asking her about JC and stuff. I can buy St. Louis being that starved for news, but Las Vegas aka Sin City? Being a vampire executioner, even the best (which she, of course, is), is just a law enforcement job in this ‘verse. I have no idea why the press gives a shit about her and her personal life but apparently she’s bigger than Lady Gaga and the Pope put together

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