A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter ten

What fresh hell has Anita got for us today?

Well, she comes back from insulting everyone at the funeral and endangering some children to Dolph calling her to inform her that the missing child she wasn’t trying very hard to find has been found dead. Nice. He tells her where the body is and hangs up.

I grabbed a pair of black Nikes for walking over grass and through blood. Once you got bloodstains on dress shoes, they never come clean.

Why would you wear smart shoes to a crime scene?

Anita doesn’t deign to change from her smart funeral clothes because she’s the Great and Powerful Anita Blake and she don’t need to take no shit from anyone. She drives out to Burrell Cemetery, a graveyard that’s been full and unused for years… so who found the body then?

The little boy is found relatively intact but with his stomach and intestines removed. He was killed this morning while Anita was insulting people. Dolph says that he gave her twenty-four hours to talk to Dominga Salvador, carrying the implication that Anita was supposed to find out what happened, but Anita ignores this and says that Dominga didn’t do it, as she isn’t the kind to be so ‘dramatic’.

Yes, the woman who was EEEEEVVVVIIIIIILLLLLL isn’t dramatic. Anita tells Dolph about John Burke but not about how he was encouraged to look after small children (NO, I will not let this go). Anita says that if it was a zombie killing these people, it could be anywhere but probably originally came from Burrell Cemetery because SHUT UP and that there should be signs of what brought it to life – verves for *shudder* voodoo and dried blood for an animator. She might be able to sense which grave it came from or find it herself – after dark, because her powers only work after dark.

Well, at least she didn’t insult anyone.


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