Halo Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – His Kiss

Sunday mass was the only time I felt I could truly reconnect with my home. Kneeling in the pews and listening to the chords of ‘Agnus Dei’ brought me back to my former self.

The angels and Father Mel (if you don’t remember, he was the priest they met in one of the early chapters) are standing around after the service talking about how attendance at the church is growing. Father Mel (who doesn’t explicitly know what the angels are, but is implied to suspect) is saying how it’s due to people following the example set by Gabriel, Bethany, and Ivy. They talk about how they can only lead people to the faith and church.

Ahem. From Chapter One:

We hoped in time that our subtle influence in the town might result in people reconnecting with their spirituality. […] we wanted to restore their faith and teach them to believe in miracles.

Don’t think I’m not noticing how you’re insinuating that ‘reconnecting with your spirituality’ can only be achieved by attending the Catholic church. If you go to a Protestant church, or God forbid a non-Christian place of worship, it doesn’t count.

The next day Xavier had a sports meeting at morning break, so I spent the time listening to Molly and Taylah talk animatedly about a clothing outlet just out of town. There they could buy fake designer labels that looked so authentic no one would guess they weren’t the ‘real deal’.

Because they are shallow, d’you get it? Shallow shallow shallow!

Then Bethany and Xavier are in French class together and stay after the class to talk. Xavier can tell something is wrong and presses her on it. He says he knows she has a secret, which sends Bethany into a near panic attack.

“I understand that for one reason or another you can’t or won’t talk about it,” Xavier said. “But you don’t have to. I can respect your privacy.”

“That’s not fair to you,” I said, feeling more torn than ever. The idea of walking away from him left a physical pain in my chest, like my heart was slowly breaking in two.

It just goes on like this, really.

Xavier : ‘There’s something different about you.’

Bethany: ‘I want to be honest with you but I can’t!’

Xavier: ‘Do you want some space?’

Bethany: Nooo don’t leave me!!!

And then they kiss. And hoo boy, is it purple.

A delicious heat started to spread through my body, and I strained towards him, reaching for his lips again. I returned the kiss with passionate urgency and clung to him. I allowed myself to melt into his embrace and pressed our bodies together. His warmth was seeping through my flimsy shirt, and I could feel his heart beating fast.

Mills and Boon, eat your heart out.

So of course now Bethany has squishy feelings and wants to stay with him forever, and also tell him the truth about what she is. That’s not for this chapter, though. She tells him that she’ll tell him at the beach barbecue that Molly and Taylah invited her to.


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