A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter eight

Anita has decided not to think about Manny, Dominga Salvador, zombies and souls. It’s only becoming complicit in the murders of innocent people, it’s not that important. She’s going to have fun at judo – well, she would do, but Gaynor (back from chapter one) has sent his bodyguard to see her.

He lets himself in. The bodyguard has brought a case of money; a ‘million five, half now, half after you raise the zombie’. It appears that Gaynor still wants this really dead zombie brought back and for Anita to murder someone. I’m getting some sense of a theme here.

Anita refuses. The bodyguard offers two million. She says no. He tries to attack her. I see that someone doesn’t understand how to negotiate. He threatens to kill her if she refuses to work with Gaynor. Yeah, because bodyguards work like that.


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