A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter seven

Okay kids, it’s Anita time again. Hopefully today’s chapter will have less of a You Dirty Racist vibe and I won’t have to pull out the Hiddles shield.

well, maybe just the once…

oh yeah, that‘s the stuff. I’ll put on The Cure in the background and my happiness is to a degree where I won’t get too cross.

Now, where was I?

‘So,’ I said, ‘you used to perform human sacrifice.’

I think he flinched. ‘Do you want me to lie?’

‘No, I want to not know. I want to live in blessed ignorance.’

Anita, you help the police. Don’t you have an obligation to tell them that your helpful friend Manny is a murderer? Murder is, you know, a touch illegal. Manny asks whether she’s going to call him an evil bastard and rant and rave, but Anita doesn’t see the point in that just yet.

I’m considering starting a drinking game for any time a character is described as ‘evil’ or just acts stupid because they are EVVVILLLLL.

Anita says that he’s changed; the Manny she thought she knew would never take part in human sacrifice.  Manny points out that it’s been twenty years.  Anita says that there’s no statute of limitation on murder but gives no indication that she’d go to the police.  The best part is that Manny’s wife suspects that he’s a murderer but asks Anita not to confirm her fears.

Oh god, poor Rositia. She’s been married to a man she believes is a serial murderer for god knows how long. How long has she lived in fear that he might sacrifice her? And they have children! oh god my brain took a very dark turn there

Anita asks him to explain why he would do human sacrifice. Well, duh, it’s because Dominga was EVVVVILLLLLL obviously, and Manny doesn’t want to talk about how she enchanted him with her EVVVVILLLLL VAGINA OF DOOM. Dominga is so EVVVILLLL that she’s going to send Anita some little horror because Anita dared to point out that her EVILLLLL plan was stupid.

We were talking about killing Dominga Salvador. She was capturing souls and putting them into corpses. It was an abomination.

Anita, you reanimate the dead. Don’t start acting as if you have the moral high-ground here.

She would probably attack me first. Some supernatural goodie come creeping into my home. She was evil and would attack me first. Would it be murder to ambush her? Yeah. Would I do it anyway? I let the thought take shape in my head. Rolled it over like a piece of candy, tasting the idea. Yeah, I could do it.

And I’m sure that your friends on the police would just magically ignore you shooting down a woman in cold blood. ‘Anita’s killing evil voodoo women – I’m sure it’s for a good cause. Now let us leave and talk about how much we admire her attitude.’

Who was I to cast stones at Manny for twenty-year-old crimes?

Hamilton, I really dislike how you use hyphens. And that you casually brush aside multiple accounts of murder because, oh well, Anita can’t judge him for what he did soooo long ago!

He killed people for no good reason, other than to glorify in the moment of their death. So yeah, he’s just as bad as Dominga and Anita, you are becoming an accessory after the fact. You are just as complicit in those deaths as he is now. Hope you feel proud of yourself.


One thought on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘The Laughing Corpse’ chapter seven

  1. Eh, this is a noir detective story with vampires. In these kind of stories, it’s just like finding your old cop mentor used to work with the mob and maybe did hits on the side. He’s reformed but he’s done something unconscionably evil. It’s a valid parallel I think.

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