Halo Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – Head Over Heels

Bethany goes back inside and Gabriel and Ivy are waiting for her.

Gabriel: Why did you do this? You’re just too irresponsible! [leaves]

Ivy: We may seem harsh, but that’s just because you did wrong. [leaves]

Bethany: Waah! No one understands me! I must be with Xavier because I am in Tru Wuv with him even though I’ve known him for only a few days and seem mostly attracted to his looks!

If Xavier was an illness, I didn’t want to recover. If my attraction to him constituted an offense that might incur divine retribution, then so be it.

Now see, what Bethany seems to be missing here, is that if these were Old Testament angels, the people meting out the divine retribution would be Gabriel and Ivy. Rather than frown and say how disappointed they are, they would be more likely to break out the smiting. Angels don’t look kindly on back-sliders.

She continues to angst until we get a cut to Monday. And that means we’re back with Molly and her friends.


They’re talking about dress shopping for prom, but the conversation is interrupted by Xavier, who takes her away to a separate table.

“What are you doing?” I whispered

“I seem to be making a habit out of rescuing you,” he replied. “Or did you want to spend the rest of lunch talking about spray tans and eyelash extensions?”

Hey, maybe you two are perfectly suited after all. He’s just as judgemental as you are!

Also we are told that almost everyone in the room is looking at the pair of them.

Xavier had chosen to sit with me when almost any table in the room would have welcomed him and coveted his company.


What a guy!

Also, he found a large white feather in his car after Bethany went home, and is curious about it, making her uncomfortable. He’s keen to know everything about her.

Now, did you know that Bethany is completely infatuated with Xavier, and thinks about him all the time, and wants to stay with him always? You didn’t? Well, luckily for you, we get several pages of her saying just that. Basically, they spend all their time at school together, and Bethany is accepted into Xavier’s social circle. There’s also some flirtatious banter between the two while they’re talking about literature, which leads us into Bethany’s English lit class. Literature is her favourite subject, of course, because it seems to be the de facto method in YA of showing that a protagonist is deep yet quirky. Either that or they’re artists, but that seems to have become slightly less popular.

Their teacher assigns the class the task of writing their own love poems, and this starts a talk about Romeo and Juliet. The other kids are cynical, but of course Bethany knows that it’s the Twuest of Twu Luv stories, and defends it.

“He didn’t know anything about her,” Ben said. “All his praise is for her physical attributes: ‘Juliet is the sun’ and blah blah blah. He just thinks she’s a babe.”

“I think it’s because after he met her everyone else became insignificant,” I said. “He knew right away that she was going to be his whole world.”

I see what you did there, Adornetto.


Next chapter, action! (kind of)



One thought on “Halo Chapter Eleven

  1. I really want to read a YA fantasy/romance about a girl who loves math class or has dyslexia or is driven and ambitious or overweight or has bad skin or just… ANYthing but these cute, clumsy, “everygirl” Mary Sues!

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