A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter forty five

During the day I learned how to use a shotgun. That night I went caving with wererats.

Uh, I thought that you were going through tunnels?  Are there caves under St. Louis? I looked it up: there were, but at some point after the sixties the local council filled most of them with concrete. So, Anita, Edward and the wererats are able to magically walk through concrete. Nice power. Anita whines about how she was forbidden from watching the wererats change into… well, wererats.

I had never wanted to see so badly in my life. It couldn’t be so horrible. Could it?

Anita, they are literally changing from humans into rat-humans. I imagine that is absolutely horrendous. Let Mitchell explain why turning into an animal is nasty and painful:

Yes, I imagine it do be horrible. So quit your belly aching.

She then complains that the cave is dry. The rats don’t counter that it’s a miracle they are even able to walk through caves full of concrete. After two hours they get to Nikky’s lair. The ratking won’t accept thanks and goes off to perform more miracles, like walking on water and healing leprosy. Edward asks if Anita is okay with this, seeing as this was where Phillip died. It seems they don’t remember what I read, and about how Anita thought he was absolutely disgusting. She cares now, so that makes it all right.

We were here. This was it. I could sense my heart in my throat.

Are you ever going to catch Zachary?


7 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter forty five

  1. Honestly, why does she think she’s entitled to watch? And she assumes that it must be for her benefit, to keep her from seeing scary things? Doesn’t she wonder how THEY might feel about that personally? I imagine the wererats really don’t feel like being a freakshow or magic trick for some outsider to ogle at. But then, no one’s feelings but Anita’s really tend to matter, so…

    • It seems really odd to demand of these people – who are very kindly taking you through impossible caves to the woman who controls them so you can kill them – that you must immediately be allowed to watch something so personal for them.

  2. Little do you know (and my money’s on LKH not knowing this either), but rats can chew through concrete! Let’s just pretend that’s the logic behind this.

    • I do know that rats can chew through concrete. I just presumed that the local government of St. Louis would have noticed giant rat men chewing through the blocked up cave system. That’s not something you can ignore very easily.

      • Late reply here, just wanted to let you know that you’re not being snitty! If anything, my comment seemed snitty, but I was trying for playful.
        Wait, being polite to another lady seems wrong next to an Anita Blake novel. Uh… you obviously have lesbian fantasies about me? Is that better?

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