I’m going to be away for a few days visiting family, so no new Anita Blake reviews until Sunday. Ish. Hopefully. You might get some Halo reviews if I can poke Cecilia into doing so, but until then here is some original work of mine. Yes, I actually do write myself! Hope you enjoy.


We were going to take over the world once.  Do you remember that?

It was going to be you and me, standing alone and proud, facing a tide that would come over our heads and break, leaving us the victors.  We would be beautiful.  We would be desirable.  Nothing could stand in our way and no one could not love us.  Do you remember? Do you remember when we became so tied down?  I cannot remember when the weights were placed about my neck, but whenever I look down I can see them hanging there.

Failure, when I was young, seemed more like a train wreck, hurtling at a breakneck speed before crashing in a most melodramatic and unforgettable fashion.  I didn’t realise that trains can be derailed by the smallest of obstacles.

We are now both broken, our wings shattered and bent, incapable of anything.  What happened to the wings on our feet?  We are fixed most firmly to the ground, and dreams are only that – dreams, fancies, fantasies, puffs of air.  Our bodies betray us and our minds have more important things than taking on the world.

We were going to take over the world once.  Do you remember that?  And now it has taken over us.


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