A reivew of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter thirty three

Sorry for the delay in updates, Dottie fans. I recently experience a serious setback in my academic dissertation for this year, and I needed a few days to get my head sorted. I’m a lot better now, although not completely okay. I won’t be until I get back on track entirely! So updates might be spotty for a while while I restart my work again.

OK, Anita is meeting her friend Ronnie. Ronnie has a friend with her, a woman called Bev. Anita knows her from three years but it isn’t specified why. Bev didn’t think letting their mutual friend know of their acquaintance was important. I smell a villain.

“Bev’s family were the victims of a vampire pack. Only Beverly survived. I was one of the people who helped destroy the vampires.” Brief, to the point, a hell of a lot left out. Mostly the painful parts.

Bev spoke in that quiet, precise voice of hers. “What Anita has left out is that she saved my life at risk of her own.”

So probably not secretly evil then.

Bev knows a little about the human-vampire-killing-church and says there is talk of forming a squad to hunt down and kill vampires, to kill them as they have killed those they loved. The president of the HAV vetoed the idea as he thinks they should work entirely within the law. They are not vigilantes. Give the man a medal. He’s got some really good common sense. Shame that other members haven’t had it, and a few are bragging openly about killing vampires. Bev thinks she’ll be able to get some more information for Anita but doesn’t exactly think the police ought to be involved.

“Killing dangerous animals should not be a crime.”

But it is, and your moral standpoint does not put you above the law. If you don’t give the police information, you’re guilty of perverting the course of justice.

“Humans Against Vampires stands for law and order, not vigilantism.”

But not telling the police what you know means that you are supporting the actions of a vigilante.

Also last night the Church of Eternal Life raided Guilty Pleasures. Thought that might have been nice to explore and explain thoroughly in the text but it’s just a casual aside between Ronnie and Anita and is not treated with much importance.

I mean, this only means that vampires could be killing people, it’s not that important!

why are there not enough editors in the world


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