A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter twenty two

It’s a long chapter today. Five whole pages! What a treat.

Dead Dave’s is all dark glass and glowing beer signs. At night the front windows look like some sort of modern art, featuring brand names. In the daylight everything is muted. Bars are sort of like vampires; they are at their best after dark. There is something tired and wistful about a daytime bar.

Anita walks right in to see Mister Luther, who is described as very fat, very black and a chain-smoker. Which means I can’t make any Martin Luther jokes to my great annoyance.  She asks him if Phillip is trustworthy and Luther responds by saying the guy is a junkie – and no junkie is trustworthy.

Especially those interested in reform of the church.

Luther’s only information on the guy is that he works the ‘circuit’ and is ‘reeeal popular’ with a certain sort of vamp. Those interested in feeding from someone? What kind of vamp? Be specific. Phillip is a professional victim, which we’d already seen.  What is new is that Valentine, mister supposedly terrifying and evil and awful, has connections to Phillip. He’s been telling everyone that he did Phillip the first time, claiming that he jumped him as a child and ‘did him good’. Valentine doesn’t like his victims much older than twelve, unless it’s a revenge attack.

“Word is if the master didn’t keep him in line, he’d be damn dangerous.”

The man is a violent sexual predator who targets children. I think he’s already fairly dangerous. Anita was supposed to execute him and everyone thought him dead, so he no longer has a warrant of execution hanging over him – except that if it was never properly served in the first place, it’d probably still be valid. Kill him. I hope she kills him before the end of the book.

Ronnie phones up. She’s got a tasty titbit: Humans Against Vampires supposedly have a death squad designed to wipe the vampires off the face of the earth. There’s nothing too substantial, just whispers, but she promises to find something more concrete. Anita talks about the freak party she’s going to (again, spreading about things that she ought to keep a lid on – not a very good investigative tactic) and Ronnie asks her to be careful. She got a broken arm and a busted collarbone, the last vampire hunt she did, and her mentor Manny almost died.

“You be careful.”

“Careful as a virgin on her wedding night, I promise.”


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