A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter twenty one

What fresh problems will I read about today? FYI, if you are an ardent fan of the books and think I’m going into this closed minded or biased, I’m genuinely not. There are parts I like. They just tend to get outweighed by the very badly written bits.

I had just bullied a very fragile human being. It hadn’t felt good, but it beat the heck out of knocking her senseless. I had not hurt her physically. Why didn’t I believe that? Now, I was going to question Phillip because he had given me a clue. The proverbial lead. I couldn’t let it go.

Well, no, of course not. It’s the only clue you have.

“Phillip, I need to know about the freak parties.”

Uh, they’re orgies? What else do you need to know? You just have to turn up to one undercover, and narrativium will provide a Clue. Anyway, Phillip and Anita have a Very Serious Discussion. She didn’t like Rebecca because she betrayed humans to non-humans, and that’s worse than the treachery of JC – after all, you can expert a vampire to be treacherous. Phillip disagrees, because being assaulted on stage every night proves how trust-worthy vampires are. But all this means that friendship and loyalty are very important to Anita. That’s why she put the frighteners on old Monica (manage to remember her?). Phillip stopped going to le old freak parties, whinging about how he felt ‘passed around’ (isn’t that the entire point of them?) but knows there’s one tonight they can infiltrate.

Ah, I guess this is where the whole rampant sex associated with the Anita Blake books kicks in? Oh goodie. I hate reviewing sex scenes. It’s hard when to do when you’re asexual.

I didn’t think Phillip was lying about the freak parties, but what did I know about Phillip? He stripped at Guilty Pleasures, not exactly a character reference. He was a vampire junkie, better and better. Was all that pain an act? Was he luring me someplace, just as Moncia had?

After agreeing to work undercover with him, Anita does the sensible thing and finds out some information about Phillip. Which she should have done first. She’s not a gifted investigator, is she? She heads off to a hamburger joint run by an ex-policeman kicked off the force for being dead, something supremely and massively illegal. It being the day Dave is asleep, but the barman, Luther, will be up and about.

So we don’t meet Dave in this chapter? Ugh. I am fed up with these chopped up chapters.

St. Louis was a real hot spot for vampire watchers. The only place better was New York but we had a lower crime rate. There was a gang that had gone all vampire in New York. They had spread to Los Angeles and tried to spread here. The police found the first recruits chopped into bite-size pieces.

Our vampire community prides itself in mainstream. A vampire gang would be bad publicity, so they took care of it.

Oh yes, how lovely. A race of people who are above the law.


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