Halo Chapter Five

Chapter Five – Small Miracles

After dinner, the angels decide to go for another walk down to the beach. They lark around in the surf, Bethany splashes Ivy with water and then gets a piggy-back ride from Gabriel. It’s not badly written, and sort of a nice scene seeing them have some fun, but would be better if seen as a respite from their hard work rather than a break from them loafing around not doing much.

Nearby are a mother and child. The child has an inflamed insect bite and the mother can’t get her to hold still long enough to put gel on it. Ivy goes over and heals the bite under the pretext of using the gel.

Hey, look, one of the angels did something! A very small something, but a something!

Then they walk into town, where they meet Molly, who is sitting with a random boy outside the ice-cream parlour. Both of them are, like everyone else, stunned by the angels’ beauty.

  The surfer looked peeved when Molly extricated herself from his grasp but was soon distracted, gawking unashamedly at Ivy, his jaw slack, taking in the symmetry of her body.


Molly’s eyes travelled from Gabriel’s face to Ivy’s and she only just managed to stammer a hello before coyly averting her eyes. This was something of a surprise. I had watched her all day talking freely with the boys at school, luring and teasing them with her charm, then flitting away like an exotic butterfly.

Further down the street, two random guys coming out of the pub break into a fight. Gabriel goes over and breaks it up, then tells the guys to go home. After that Molly wants them to stay and have ice-cream with her, but Gabriel says they must go home. Molly gives Bethany a present of a tube of lipgloss.

Once home, we have a scene of Bethany staring at herself in the mirror.

   In the Kingdom we could see others but never our own image. Sometimes you caught a glimpse of yourself reflected in someone’s eyes, but even then it was a blur, like an artist’s rudimentary sketch. Having human form meant that the sketch was fleshed out.

You had better not be insinuating that the angels have human forms in heaven. Did you know that cherubim are described as having four faces and several wings? Some angels have wings covered in eyes; some are interlocked wheels with eyes all along the rim.

File:Ezekiel's vision.jpg

Pictured: angels. Yes, really

Anyway, in her human body Bethany is pale-skinned and dark-haired, and of course so unlike all the other girls at school, with their tans and dyed hair. I swear this is reminding me of some other character…

Just can’t remember who…

Bethany changes for bed and then drifts off to sleep. Then we get … this.

I imagined a stranger coming quietly into my room. I felt his weight as he sat on the edge of my bed in silence. I was sure he was watching me as I slept, but I didn’t dare open my eyes because I knew he would prove to be a figment of my imagination and I wanted the illusion to continue a little longer. The boy lifted his hand to brush a wisp of hair out of my eyes and then leaned to kiss my forehead.


“Good night night, Bethany,” the voice of Xavier Woods whispered. “Sweet dreams”

“Good night, Xavier,” I said, but when I opened my eyes, I found the room was empty

Please don’t tell me that’s supposed to be romantic. Because THAT IS CREEPY!


Next chapter, nosey neighbours


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