A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter seventeen

I had two choices after Ronnie left; I could go back to sleep, not a bad idea; or I could start solving the case everyone was so eager for me to work on.

As a dedicated polysomnoist, I heartily endorse going to sleep some more. Sleep cures all.

Anita goes against my sound advice and heads out into town. St. Louis is very hot apparently. I don’t know much about the town, only bits and pieces from the Judy Garland film that I love. So if Hamilton makes any key mistakes or lapses in research then I can’t really pick up on it.

But if she doesn’t wear this outfit at some point, I’ll be pissed.

It’s difficult to hide a gun on one’s person and not boil, but Anita manages to it in a stylish penguin t-shirt. She talks about how her legs are imperfect; she is petite, with legs too short for her frame and probably fairly muscular, considering her line of work. Her outfit also shows off her considerable collection of scars. She heads down to Animators, Inc. and we get to learn a bit more about her line of work.

Animators, Inc. was founded by Bert Vaughn, a guy who works on the grey side of life. A sort of scallywag who doesn’t exactly break the law, but lives close up to the border. He’s a showman, and knows how to turn raising the dead into a highly profitable business. There are two offices on rotation in the building, and Anita’s is out on loan to a guy named Jamison. He’s talking to a family whose son is thinking about joining the ‘Church of Eternal Life’.

The first church in history that could guarantee you eternal life, and prove it. No waiting around. No mystery. Just eternity on a silver platter.

I don’t think that’s how religion works. I’m pretty sure that religion works on a little something called ‘faith’. But I might be misunderstanding it.

Anita goes in to see her boss who has a cheque for investigating the vampire murders. Whoopsie, not done a lot of investigating so far, have we? It’s for ten thousand dollars. Wow. She tells Bert to cash the cheque, so I guess that marks out the going rate for being violently assaulted.

and woooo end of chapter

man these short chapters are really annoying me


One thought on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter seventeen

  1. Religion is supposed to focus on faith but if vampirism were real, I’m fairly certain there would be a number of Prosperity Gospeltology churches which would try to work on cash instead.

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