A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter fifteen

Hey guys I’m back! Did you miss me? Rome was lovely, if super stressful. I got very poorly indeed and spent a lot of time in the hostel. The hostel was super lovely (La Controra, if you’re ever in the area) so it wasn’t too bad. I still awful about not seeing as much as I’d liked, but Cecila and UG had a good time so that’s what matters.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: My blip page is all super new and shiny! So if you like my Supernatural reviews, don’t hesitate to have a look and follow us! http://blip.tv/dottiesmithreviews

Okie dokes, on with the review. Back to the world of Anita Blake!

Dawn slid across the sky like a curtain of light. The morning star glittered like a diamond chip against the easy flow of light.

That is a lovely start to a chapter. Very atmospheric and puts an image right into my head.

I had seen two sunrises in as many days. I was beginning to feel grumpy. The trick was to decide whom to be grumpy at, and what to do about it.

Yes. I understand this sentiment entirely, after a very stressful day of shitty customer service. Give into your rage Anita. Good. Gooood.

She’s pretty pissed because she’s been beaten to all hells and it hurts to move around and get back home. Vampires are assholes. She gets hone, hoping for a kip and some first-aid, but her front door is ajar. Eeep. That’s not good. She draws her gun (smart woman) and goes inside cautiously. It can’t be a vampire, because they’re film based and vulnerable to sunlight. She’s too tired to do anything else. She crouches down and kicks the door, gun pointing right at the centre of the bad guy’s chest.

“Don’t shoot,” he said. “It’s Edward.”


No, no, Edward is another vampire hunter. He has a taste for flamethrowers and killing innocent bystanders. So, a psychopath then. Not a great guy to be on the city’s payroll. He was the guy who burnt down Valentine’s nest two years ago when Anita holy-watered him. Edward has already heard about Anita’s cosy little chat with Little Miss Nicky. He wants to set her on fire and hopes that Anita will tell him the 411. Anita is not going to tell him anything because she doesn’t want to encourage him to go around randomly setting fire to people. She might tell him a few days as long as he gets her a sawn-off shotgun.

Anita, why can’t you get your own shotgun?

Great. Vampires, now Edward.

Edward leaves, being another man who is an Ass in a supernatural series with a female lead.

Everyone has their weaknesses. Some people smoke. I collect stuffed penguins. If you won’t tell, I won’t.

I like that. It makes Anita very human and rounds off her character nicely.


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