A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter thirteen

Anita and Zachary run from the explosion of Little Miss Nikky’s rage. Anita hears JC’s voice in her head, a ‘velvet’ voice. but she doesn’t know what’s happening.  They run from some blue flames and run and run and run.

There was one other sound, Jean-Claude’s voice in my head. “Forgive me.”

What for? All that mind control bullshit you pulled? Because the fire isn’t really there, it’s all in Anita’s mind or something.  The fire sort of goes inside her brain because her eyes turn blue but fuck knows what’s happening here.

The silence was dangerous. It meant the fight was over, and the winner could turn its attention to other things. I did not want to be one of those things.

There was a fight? Who was fighting? I just thought Miss Nikky had an anger issue and hulked out. Anita calms down and helps Zacharay out, Zachary is very confused, even though he was helping her out anyway. There are some nasty stairs. Anita has an old knee injury and the running up an incline starts to make her knee pop. She slows down to a walk and the pair carry on up the stairs. They reach a landing where a human named Winter is waiting. He asks what the hell is going on (a man after my own heart) and Zachary, all casual, says that Nikky is fighting JC and JC is holding out. Winter laughs, calls Anita ‘The Executioner’ and then the chapter ends.

Wow that was pointless.


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