A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter twelve

Nikolaos didn’t have to bespell me; all she had had to do was terrify me. The fear would control me. It was what she was counting on. I could not let that happen.

“Get… out… of… my…face,” I said.

Yeah, get out of her face, vampiric Farquad.

I could be watching Dexter right now. I hope all you people are happy.

Anyway, Anita is fighting Little Miss Nikky, and she is not happy about it.  She kicks our intrepid vampire hunter in the chest, sending her flying across the room.

“Get her out of here before I kill her myself.”

But you need her to solve the vampire murders. What would killing her solve? And oh right, JC is there, trying to rush over and help Anita. Yeah, not interested, riiiight.

Miss Nikky then tells Anita that there have been six more vampire murders on top of the four already committed. Talk about rapidly changing moods, eh? They aren’t telling the police because apparently the law is biased against the undead. In a world where vampires can so easily and openly mentally manipulate people. JC is getting punished for some reason, and Anita is all concerned for him, blah blah blah. Miss Nikky provides a witness for the second murder, who is led in by a man named Zachary. Zachary is another animator and the witness is a zombie. He was tortured for information and when he couldn’t cope with it any more, he hung himself. They brought him back to life.

I see why you didn’t want the police involved.

Asking the zombie questions is problematic, as he can’t deal with anything too complex. He can’t seem to remember who murdered the vampire – although it might just be down to the fact that Zachary is a colossal assmuncher. Luckily, Anita has a far more compassionate nature and gets some answers out of him before Zachary breaks the zombie’s mind. You see, a zombie has only a limited recollection of who they are and what they were, until shock or ill-treatment strips them of personality and autonomy.

Little Miss Nikky completely flips her shit.

The anger stripped away the child puppet. Bones stood out against white paper skin. Hands grabbed at the air, clawed and straining. One hand dug into the arm of her chair. The wood whined, then cracked. The sound echoed against the stone walls. Her voice burned along our skin. “Get out of here before I kill you. Take the woman and see her safely back to her car. If you fail me again, large or small, I will tear your throat out, and my children will bathe in a shower of your blood.”

You’re getting better at your threats, Little Miss Nikky. Nice imagery but I’m not too sure about your delivery.

JC has a mini-freakout due to …. vampiric anger waves? Anyway, he goes all clawy and tells Anita to run for her life. Zachary gets her out and I think Nikky kills a bunch of people. I guess – Anita mentions that a smell of rotting corpses comes from under the door, but again, the narrative is not especially clear, as Anita then says that it might be a hallucination.

What is going on? Do they want her to investigate, or don’t they? Are vampires nasty or can they care for people? How has Hamilton managed to get zombies right?

So many questions, so many chapters left.



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