A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter seven

This book is going to take forever to do because the chapters are so ridiculously short. EUGH.

Jean-Claude, this universe’s cut-rate Louis, leads Anita and Catherine through to the back of the strip abuse club. Catherine is incredibly confused, as am I. Aubrey laughs evilly and spouts more vampire-esque dialogue.

“I think she should come. It does concern her – intimately.”

Stop being so vampirely evil. You’re not making me enjoy the dark twistedness of the situation. You’re making me want Anita to just kill you.

Jean-Claude then asks if Catherine would go to the police. Uh, what, why? Why would she need to go to the police? Oh no, she can’t go to the police because they’ll kill her. Who the hell thought making vampires equal members of this society a good thing? We haven’t seen one pleasant vampire so far. They’re really genuinely nasty. True, I like it when vampires are nasty, but Hamilton is trying to present them as glamorous and sexy. She is failing on every page.

Aubrey has some kind of permanent mind control on Catherine that is not explained. He wipes her memory of the night but he will have a permanent control over her mind and being. Jean-Claude threatens that Aubrey will finish what he started (OH GOD WHAT DID HE START? 😦 ) or Anita must do what Jean-Claude wants – to investigate the vampire murders. Nice. Blackmail. Real nice. I really hope Anita and Jean-Claude don’t end up in a relationship.

Jean-Claude promises that Aubrey won’t murder Catherine, while Aubrey giggles evilly in the background, but Anita knows that Jean-Claude has no control over him. Aubrey has a master and a very short temper. For the crime of working out he has a master, he works himself into a temper and decides she needs to ‘learn some humility’. Jean-Claude refuses, because ‘Nikolaos is expecting us to bring her, unharmed’. So the big bad of St Louis is a ancient Greek vampire then? Anita tries to find out, but neither vampire will tell her, as to not spoil future chapters.

Oh and Monica was conspiring to bring her to the club. That was what this that could have been done in two chapters was about. Monica was totally evil and tossed her friend to be murdered by vampires for the sake of one woman investigating some deaths.

I think this sums up this entire chapter. Evil laughs.

“If anything happens to Catherine, I will see you dead.”

She smirked at me, confident in her protectors. “They will bring me back as one of them.”

“I will cut out your heart.” I was still smiling. I couldn’t seem to stop. “Then I will burn it and scatter the ashes in the river. Do you understand me?”

She swallowed audibly. Her health-club tan looked a little green. She nodded, staring at me like I was the bogey man.

I think she believed I’d do it. Peachy keen. I hate to waste a really good threat.

That wasn’t a good threat. Trust me. That’s not a good threat.

What a nasty little chapter. It was just giggling and poorly explained plot points.


3 thoughts on “A review of Laurell K. Hamilton’s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ chapter seven

  1. It took seven chapters to get to this point. Seven. Yes, they’re all annoyingly short, but still. Seven!

    And why are the vampires jumping through so many hoops to get Anita to do this? What, her initial refusal wasn’t enough to convince them to hire someone else? Someone willing to work with vampires? Is she really just that special? (Don’t answer that.)

  2. My problem is that- IIRC- everyone gets mad at Anita for making such an explicit death threat (though I honestly can’t be too mad at her for it), but nobody else is mad at Monica for setting them up.

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