A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter sixteen

This is the LAST chapter of the LAST currently published Sookie Stackhouse book! I can’t believe I’ve got this far! Tomorrow I’ll be announcing which book series was voted to be read next, and publishing the first review of the book I’ll be looking at inbetween. So what’s going to happen in this exciting concluding chapter?

As you can imagine, it wasn’t easy to go on and have a normal day after that.

I hadn’t slept all night, and the traumas had just kept on coming.

… the trauma of not being murdered? Seriously, I don’t get it. Finding out Claude was suddenly a fairy super villain must have been a shock, but not intensely traumatic. You weren’t hurt and everything went in your favour. I’m surprised you still have the capacity to be traumatised, after pouring boiling water over a man’s head. And Sam’s made it up to her – now he knows how evil Jannylynnnynnnynynnnn is and he’s even made her a partner in Merlotte’s. Alcide phones her up to tell her to turn up to some pack stuff as per Janananananaananynyni’mgoingtobehappywhenidon’thavetospellthisnameynnn’s request. She has to bring Eric, which’ll be fun.

“We are here to judge tonight,” Alcide said. “We’ve had to judge members all too often lately. The pack has been full of dissension and disloyalty. Tonight I require all of you to renew your oaths, and tonight I say that the penalty for breaking them is death.”

well, shit. He challenges the pack to single combat for leadership. No one does, so he tells the entire pack Janananananananananaynn’s crimes.

  • she dresses badly
  • she has a daft name
  • she hired rogues who kidnapped a guy
  • she tried to get eric arrested for murder
  • she gave money to a fairy
  • she murdered kym
  • she doesn’t like sookie

He then makes Jannynylnylynyn phone up the police and confess to the murder of Kym Rowe. The pack then judge the rogues. Big titted girl gets a free pass. The others, a rapist and child killer, are released because they haven’t really committed a crime in Shreveport aside from abduction and attempted rape.  They’ll be blacklisted from any other were pack though, so that makes it okay. Mustapha then challenges Jananlynn to a one on one fight, but she manages to gore Sam with a sword in the kerfuffle. Mustapha takes the chance to behead her. It is written in an exceedingly dull way. Sam is dying but Sookie uses her wish, the cluviel dor, to bring him back to life and full health.

Eric flies off without having said anything or contributing anything. I sincerely hope we never see him again.

Well, that’s that done.

My thoughts on ‘Deadlocked’? It’s not a good book but it’s not a terrible one. Like so many of the later Sookie Stackhouse books, it just falls under the terrible trap of being ploddingly dull and making little sense compared to earlier books. For the sake of finding fresh material, Harris just relies on making intrigue contrary to previously established character traits. The plot could have been interesting, but she seemed to forget it was happening and wander off for chapters at a time. The only positive thing about this book is that I think we’ll finally see the back of Eric for good. The relationship was dragging down the last few books, even if I think the series will end up with Sookie being paired off. She’s desperate for marriage and children, and I think the ending might see her being shoved off with Sam.

I’ll give concluding thoughts on the entire series when the last book comes out next year.

Until then, Dottiers, until then.


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