A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter fifteen

I sat up all night.

My brain ran through the same old paces like a chipmunk in a cage. I always ended with the same conclusion.

Eric was trying to get me to admit I had the cluviel dor.

And here’s what happens when you have too much time to think: I actually considered the idea what Eric might have engineered this whole episode with Freyda to get me to reveal the location of the cluviel dor. That was a sickening possibility. If I hadn’t experienced past betrayals, such an idea would never have crossed my mind. Even though I had accepted the world as it was, it made me sad that I was sure such a long-term and planned deception was possible.

Sookie, it’s time to take control of your life. You need to separate yourself away from these negative people. It’s the thing I find the most annoying by this point in the series; she can be as vapid and ridiculous as she can, I can cope with that, but she keeps finding herself in these situations because she doesn’t remove herself from them. She needs to get out of Bon Temps and away from all the people that keep dragging her into kidnap and murder and betrayal. Like I said yesterday, move country, move away. Get away, please, I beg you.

Sookie sits up all night, worrying that her boyfriend is considering selling her off for the sake of a stupid fairy wish. And then Claude shows up again.

There’s too much betrayal and deception in this book. I’m going to run out of Loki gifs. So Claude, you big fairy bastard, what have you been up to? They have a very stunted conversation, where everything Claude says has a ‘MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA I AM EVIL’ subtext. Well, until he says this.

“You look at me, though, from time to time, as if you can’t understand why I get to breathe the same air you do.”

That’s pretty deep, until he ruins the moment by bitching that Sookie doesn’t want to fuck him. Excuse me while I recover from that whiplash, my neck hurts quite a bit. They talk about the letter Sookie sent, which Claude says never arrived, and Claude says that everyone now seems to think he spelled Dermot.

Dermot comes down stairs and he is suitably horrified.

“I think he wants to do something awful to us!”

Love you Dermot. Dermot then bites the bullet and asks Claude what he has done. Claude says he’s trying to fund support for his programme and insults Dermot. They then start to fight and they fight dirrrrty.

A bunch of fairies then burst into the house and beat up Claude and subdue him. Turns out that Claude was trying to incite them all into rebellion against Niall for…. reasons. He just suddenly decided that he didn’t like his grandfather, even though he’s never really displayed any signs of thinking about anything other than his abs in any of the books he’s been in. He was obsessed with finding the cluviel dor and smashed up all the furniture in the antiques shop. He went to Janalanngggngngnnn for help to enlist a shifter in his plan to discredit Eric. His insane and really rather pointless plan to discredit Eric.

I mean, let’s look at this seriously – how would Eric in prison for murder benefit Claude in any way? Was he hoping that Sookie would turn to him? This makes no sense.

Then Dermot witters on about how if Sookie were in danger, Niall would be sure to come to the human world to defend her and then they could kill him without his supporters. So if he ruined Eric, Sookie would kill Eric and Niall would come to protect her!

Niall has come to protect her now, as he is the third lot of fairy to just rush into the house. He’s come to take them all back to fairy and close off the portal for good, while assuring that he won’t murder Sookie for the cluviel dor. What a fantastic great-grandfather. He was also the one who told Eric about the cluviel dor, because he thought it’d be funny if his great-grandfather suffered fear and abuse from her boyfriend for the sake of a magic wish.


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