A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter thirteen

I was shocked. I was more than shocked.

That I’m watching Iron Man again? Well, it’s more interesting than this horseshit which makes next to no sense. This whole ‘Claude is eeeeevvvvillll’ has come the fuck out of nowhere and doesn’t really tie into his character as a whole. I mean, yeah he is an arsehole, but his plan involved getting his cousin gang-raped. I just don’t think he’s that arsehole. It also means that Kym was slathered in Claude’s blood I guess. Was that Claude’s blood in the last book?

Mustapha and Sookie have driven out to Janalynsnldfjdsdn’s, although I’m not entirely sure why. Oh right Warren. They’ve gone to kidnap him back. He’s still alive, but he hasn’t had food or water for ‘God knows how long’.

Two days.

You can’t live without water for more than three days so I’d say two days.

Either way, he’s so far gone they need vampire blood. Instead of taking him to a hospital, he’s got to have vampire blood so they have to wait on Bill to turn up. Instead of taking him to a hospital.


They drive Warren to Alcide’s house and Bill feeds him a load of vampire blood to make him big and strong. Alcide is going to punish her, after Sookie gets to ask her some questions to wrap up the mystery entirely.

It seemed that all the separate parts of my life were finally colliding. My personal highway was jammed with fairies, werewolves, vampires, and humans.

She then comes to the startlingly revelation that Claude was behind everything. Everything. He made Dermot crazy, he invented New Coke, he made Spiderman 3. The man is single handedly repsonsible for everything bad in Sookie’s life at this moment. Not her inability to take control of her life, or to not attach herself to dickish men. It is Claude’s fault entirely. He wants the cluviel dor although I’m not sure how he would know about it for definite… I bet Amelia was running her fucking mouth again.

and then Bill and Sookie have a rather genuinely sweet moment, as much as it galls me bitterly to admit it so. Freyda and Eric are locked away together, and Sookie wishes aloud that he would swear himself to her. She asks Bill what his fantasy would be and he says it would involve her being his forever – only he would never turn her into a vampire because he loves her.

goddamnit you rapist don’t you act all sweet and innocent now


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