A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter nine

Eric waits an hour before calling Sookie up to see what happened. So he talked to Freyda first, and then to Bubba, and then wanted to see Sookie’s opinion. That tells me all I need to know about Eric: that he thinks of Sookie last and always will.

Ditch this guy and soon. After all, he didn’t even bother to come and check you were okay in person.

She wakes up in the morning and talks about ‘sliding into a dark depression’ to which I cry BULLSHIT because well, supernatural romance books have a terrible track record at being able to recognise what is and isn’t depression. Being sad about a breakup in itself does not qualify as depression. A black mood of a few days is not depression. So please, writers of the world, stop misusing and abusing the word depression.

She heads to work and is all snappy and depressed around the place and phones Sam as he hasn’t turned up again. He’s helping out the antiques store but Sookie panics that he went over statelines to get married. He hasn’t which is good for her mood. There’s at least one man in the world who can always be relied upon to put Sookie before his own needs.

Her mood gets lifted after work when she visits Tara and finds she gave the girl twin the middle name Sookie. That’s a real serious case of depression there Sookie.

At night, Bill pops round to let her know how the investigation into Kym Rowe’s death is going. The lock on Eric’s back gate was broken. Serves you right for getting a home in a fancy gated community then cheaping out on the lock. Bill thinks that either Kym was killed by Pam or Eric, or she is part of some convoluted plot by the local were pack. Which is fairly unlikely, although Mustapha clearly knew something was happening in advance…

They then move onto talk of Freyda and Eric. Freyda is the perfect match for Eric in every way, and Eric has some making up to do after murdering Victor. Sookie bleats that Eric loves her after spending the day in a ‘depression’ because she realised he didn’t love her.

Dermot then runs out to the club and Sookie tells Bill about her two meetings with Mustapha.

“What are you two doing?” Eric asked, and I jumped and gave a little yip of surprise. Even Bill twitched.

“It’s only polite to let me know you’re coming into my house,” I said, because he’d really scared me and I was angry in consequence.

“It’s only polite,” Eric said mockingly, imitating my voice in a very irritating way. “I think it’s ‘only polite’ that my wife should let me know when she’s entertaining a male visitor, furthermore one that has shared her bed.”

Oh, go fuck yourself Eric, what is your problem.

Eric bleats about what a terrible night he’s had and how a woman used drugs in his bar and the police wanted to search his property with cadaver dogs.

“My goodness,” I said gently. “And then you walk in your girlfriend’s house to find her looking at a computer screen with another man. You have had a terrible night, poor fella.”

Eric calms down a bit and they talk about Mustapha and they all decide that they need to talk to Jannaylnn. Which makes no sense at all.

This plot makes no sense.


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