A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter seven

Sookie’s week starts with another trip to the Shreveport police station. Proper investigatory procedures woooooo!

She meets the wrestler called T Rex there and I blank out their entire conversation.


The police detective, Cara Ambroselli, is quite the ‘little dynamo’. She repeats her questions from the previous night, and then begins a long and winding series of questions about stripping – is Sookie a stripper, what about Claude, did dead party fairy girl ever work for him, how on earth is Claude even related to her… etc etc. The detective then leaves. Sookie is in a room where another witness is giving his testimony which seems rather silly because two witnesses could chat about their evidence, or give each other hints, or listen to each other’s stories. The other witness is a security guard from Eric’s gated community. He was the guy who called the police, even though he gets paid the big bucks to look the other way for any vampiric activity. He said he looked out of the guard shack to see the dead girl…. which would take some super-sight because you can’t see Eric’s house from the guard shack.


I had no idea how to make that add up to clues about why Kym Rowe had shown up at Eric’s house, or who’d paid her to do so. But to me, it seemed obvious that the girl had been bribed to do her best to seduce Eric. Who’d paid for this and what they hoped to gain… I was as far from discovering the guilty party as Ambroselli.

She spends the next few days in a bit of gloom, but it’s made better by NO ERIC.

You know how much I hate that asshole.

She heads into Merlotte’s, faces the evils of BILLS, and Terry Bellefleur comes in with a woman. It’s strange, seeing as how… unstable he’s been presented as in all the books, but a Bellefleur is happy! So I am happy!

In her lunch break, Sookie drives over to Tara’s shop as she apparently didn’t have the babies on Saturday, and is having them on the day that it currently is (I can’t tell when time passes in these books). Tara’s water broke in the shop, which is probably horrible to clean up. Sookie, as designated aunt, immediately begins calling everyone she can and an ambulance. They whisk her off to the local hospital.

  I was left standing in the middle of the store. I stared at the wet chair. Finally I wrote a note to [Tara’s shop assistant]. “You will need to clean the chair.”

In her afternoon shift, Alcide walks into Merlotte’s. We haven’t seen him since the ‘nude in bed’ fiasco, so this’ll be interesting… they end up talking about Mustapha’s warning about Jannalynn, a woman Alcide has known for years. I don’t think he’ll take your word over hers, Sookie. They have a moment of deep, significant eye contact though. Golly gosh, I hope you had protection!

Sam phones up the bar and tells Sookie that the stupidly named antiques store from the last book was broken into. All the Stackhouse antiques were smashed up or stolen. Unusual.

Bellenos the elf comes in for a chat to ask her to contact Niall. The fae need Claude to lead them, Dermot isn’t strong enough, even though he is a sweetie. In exchange for Sookie putting a letter into the portal, Bellenos will try and find out how dead fairy party girl got that fairy blood in the first place. Perhaps from the fairy in the last book who was drained to try and poison Eric and Pam? I don’t think that was ever resolved.

And Tara had her babies! A boy and a girl! Huzzah!

And Sookie realises someone was trying to steal the cluviel dor! Oh noes!

Now I knew for sure that someone, almost certainly one of the fae, knew my grandmother had has possession of the cluviel dor.

The scoundrel.


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