A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter six

Aces, I just spent an afternoon planning coffee based beverages with hilarious names with Noy. ~wheeeee making coffee shop plans~

It’s quite sad that for Sookie, pleasant just means an absence of ‘bad’ rather than good. I’d hate to be in that sort of situation where happiness has become an alien concept. Eric calls her, and even the prospect of spending an evening with him doesn’t make her happy (which I’m not surprsed about). She doesn’t want to see him, and just suggests that he send Bill out to do his job investigating.

In the morning’s paper she finds that dead party fairy girl was called Kym Rowe, but I’m going to keep calling her ‘dead party fairy girl’.

Sam phones her up to ask about dead fairy party girl – basically if Eric killed her or not. They chat a little, and Sam is very apprehensive about Jannalynn. He doesn’t love her and doesn’t think the relationship is going anywhere. Shame that Jannalynn is trying to propose isn’t it?

Dermot comes in later and talks about how the fairies at the strip club are getting mutinous without Claude’s presence. They’re suspicious of his actions as he keep lying to everyone about why he stayed in the human world – whether to maintain his business or that Niall banned him from getting into Faery.  The leftover fairies are getting restless, and restless fairies are dangerous fairies. Dermot’s given them leave to hunt in Sookie’s woods before they start ripping heads.



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