A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter five

Sookie gets up and immediately starts cleaning, just like Eric told her not to when he was being an obnoxious pig. While cleaning, someone phones her then hangs up. It’s the missing Mustapha Khan, who isn’t answering when she rings back.


She also has voice messages from Dermot, asking her if she’s okay, Alcide, who tells her they need to talk ASAP and Tara, who has started giving birth.  Phoning Alcide back, she finds he’s not concerned about the missing Mustapha but Jannalynn has asked her to help when she proposes to Sam.

No good can come of this! Sookie refuses, making Alcide ask her why she’s out for poor old Jannalynn.

Uh… because she’s a crazy violent psychotic killer, and Sookie’s wants to only one of those in Sam’s life! It’s obvious!

Help that bitch propose to Sam? When Hell froze over. When pigs flew!

Now in a very foul mood, she goes back home to Bon Temps to find Dermot and Mustapha waiting for her. She refers to this as a ‘OSM’, an annoying acronym that has popped up in every chapter of the book so far. If you think it’s an ‘oh shit moment’ why not just say ‘oh shit’?


look it’s that easy

Okay, Mustapha didn’t kill dead fairy party girl and knows who did it but is forbidden from saying. It’s too dangerous for her to know. There’s something up with his buddy Warren, but he warns her against pushing it. Sookie tells him to go pledge himself to Alcide so off he pops on his motorbike.

Dermot says that someone must have a power over Mustapha and that he’s looking for Warren who has gone missing. Everyone is being abducted lately; makes a nice change of pace that Sookie hasn’t been. Or maybe she will be. Maybe some unknown force is going to abduct them all and conduct some kind of crazed criminalistic orgy. It’d be more interesting than the drivel passing for a mystery right now… although it is a much more interesting mystery than the last two books.


One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter five

  1. Love how she got a message about her bestie that she-never-thinks-about-unless-it’s-convenient who’s giving birth, and her response is to continue the mystery plot instead of going to the hospital to be with Tara and let the grown ass supes figure their own shit out. Best friend ever.

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