A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Deadlocked’ chapter four

Yeah, I added a donate button rather prematurely  but buying silly supernatural romance books is expensive! And I figured since I get about fifty hits a day, some fruit may fall. If you want to help me continue to read books and rant with lots of swearing and gifs, please know that I am grateful for every single penny that I may or may not get. Just the fact that I average over a thousand hits a month, after six months, makes me so happy I might explode.

I’m watching Zulu right now so I might pepper this with Michael Caine-isms. It’d probably improve the book no end.

Down at the police station, we covered the same conversational ground, but this time on an individual basis. It was both boring and tense. When I’m dealing with the police, I’m always thinking what I could be guilty of.

Uh…. several counts of murder? That’s all I could think of, off the top of my head.

Oh and Mustapha Khan has gone missing. When the hell did that happen? I’m normally only this confused when I’m reading anything by George RR Martin, and that tends to be because my soul is slowly shredding itself into pieces as I realise that there is someone out there who is even worse to their characters than I am. (On a slight aside note, I thought I was downright fucking cruel to characters in my original fiction, but now I have read works by a true master of character torture and I bow to his gifts) Anyway, the police are sure everyone is complicit in the death of fairy party girl, and go over and over and over that Sookie was angry that Eric was drinking from another girl ad infinitum. Then one of the cops gets a text message and they leave and a detective starts talking about the wrestler called T Rex but I don’t care because there is only one T Rex in the world.

Turns out that the police found a glass vial on the dead fairy party girl, tucked into her bra.

“I’ll bet you a demon’s dick that she had a bit of fairy blood in it,” Pam said.

That’s an unpleasant mental image.

Anyway, the police have no real evidence to hold them on, so all the vampires are set free to roam the night. Sookie and Eric get to Eric’s house, where he has a go at her for cleaning up the mess from the party. Atta boy Eric. Make her feel even more humilated for having the honour of your ‘love’.

“Sookie,” he said. “Let’s make this right. I have enemies on every side, and I don’t want to have one here at home.”

Then stop finding petty faults to bitch at her at? I have no sympathy dude.

And then they have sex on the bed where he was drinking from another girl. Because having sex is as sure as shit to fix your relationship problems! No wonder you don’t have any confidence in your relationship, you never talk or discuss anything, only bang!

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