A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter fourteen

Sam calls up Sookie because Amelia has been bending his ear hole about the cluviel dor. Seems to me that Amelia would do better in life if she could stop interfering in other people’s business. How’d she even find out? I don’t remember Sookie telling anyone about what she had found; she’s become remarkably genre savvy after eleven books. She knows better than to run her mouth off about a strange magical artefact she found.

She begins the arduous check of her EMAIL.

There’s a message from Mr. Catabloodycoincidence saying about ‘oh yeah I was a friend of your fairy grandfather fintan, didn’t cha know LOLZ don’t use the cluviel dor though! Lots of love, the demon who gave you your mind reading powers XOXO’.

Actually, why is Sookie so accommodating of a demon? She is very religious. She’s very Christian – barely a book goes by when she doesn’t remind us of how much of a Christian she is. So, uh, why does she put her trust in a demon? Just a thought.

Anyway, Amelia has found out about the cluviel dor. I’m guessing this thing is going to be involved somehow in the tying up of loose ends for the series.

They’re fairy love tokens, and they take a year to make, at least. The cluviel dor gives the beloved one wish. That’s why it’s so romantic, I guess. The wish has to be personal. It can’t be for world peace, or an end to hunger, or something global like that.

So nothing useful then.

But on an individual level, apparently this magic is so potent it can really change a life in a drastic way. If someone gives a loved one a cluviel dor, it’s really a serious gesture. It’s not like flowers or candy. It’s more on the level of a diamond necklace or a yacht, if the jewellery or the boat had magical powers.

That is the stupidest analogy I have ever heard.

And I don’t trust Amelia one bit. I don’t trust her to not run her mouth off to everyone she meets. I spy trouble ahead, trouble with this stupid wish giving stone.

Sookie thinks about wishing away her telepathic gifts, or Hunter’s, and then sets off to assassinate Victor Madden. She goes to Fangtasia, which is packed to the rafters.

OH CLOTHES PORN TIME. It’s been a damn long time.

I was wearing a strapless dress in sky blue with a broad white belt and white sandals. (I know white shoes are supposed to make your feet look big, but mine aren’t, so I didn’t care.) My hair was down. I felt pretty damn good.

Good for you.

All of Eric’s vampires are heavily armed. I hope Victor is blind, otherwise he’ll probably suspect something is up. The plan is to have Bubba as the king of rock ‘n’ roll sing privately for Victor who is a huge fan. Of course. Sookie was able to guess this from the solitary cut out he had in his club. Bit of a stretch. Bit of a fucking stretch. Seems rather lazy to me.

Oh, and Pam’s girlfriend died. But seeing as it isn’t anything to do with Sookie, she doesn’t give a fuck.

LOL Pam couldn’t save the woman she loves but Eric’s cock is more important! Teehee!

The sooner Eric leaves these books the better.

Victor’s entourage arrives.

“Showtime,” Pam said, and for the first time that evening she smiled.”


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