A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter ten

Sookie is not convinced or impressed by this latest declaration that they need to kill Victor.

“We’ve been saying that for months. All we’ve done is talk smack. If we’re going to do something bad, let’s go on and do it – not talk it to death!”

She points out that Victor is more than likely fully aware of the situation and is probably just waiting for them to do something so he can smack ’em down.

Eric looked at me as though I’d turned into a nanny goat.

What? So the brilliant political acumen of Eric Northman wasn’t able to see that VICTOR MIGHT KNOW WHAT HE’S TRYING TO DO?

Eric, you’re a thousand years old. You don’t have much of an excuse to have a twenty seven year old woman with no advanced degree constantly out-think you.

They decide to talk with Pam the next night, with Colton and Audrina coming to her house to join in on the plan. Eric and Sookie then retire to Eric’s house and don’t have any more sex. She heads back home after a fitful night’s sleep and finds Alcide Herveaux nude in her bed.

“This is pretty fucking weird,” I said, riding a rising swell of anger. “Let’s have an explanation.”

“You’ve broken the bond with Eric,” the Shreveport packmaster said. “I’ve been wrong in my timing on every single occasion we could get together. This time I didn’t want to miss my chance.”

Alcide, I don’t think the way one attempts to start a relationship with a woman is to wait for her nude in her bed after being let in by her gay fairy cousin for an unspecified amount of time. Just sayin’. You probably want to start out with flowers or a trip to the cinema. It was apparently Jannalynn’s idea, even though the woman is pretty hot for some werewolf lovin’ herself, and Sookie thinks this was all some ploy to make her uncomfortable. Amelia was involved as well, telling Alcide at once when she broke the blood bond. Claude thought it was a hilarious idea, and wanted to join in.

These people…. Sookie, you need to start telling your friends what’s okay and not okay to do in your home. Like inviting nude hunky men to wait for you in your bed. Alcide gets angry because Sookie doesn’t want to sleep with him, even though he hasn’t much right to as he was acting like a big creep.

Eric’s new PA to replace the dead one, a were called Mustapha Khan, swings by after Alcide storms off to pick up Eric’s car. He has some friend on his motorbike and doesn’t drunk coffee, as he doesn’t take stimulants of any kind. Khan used to be called KeShawn Johnson and has reinvented himself for some reason. Hmm. Suspicious. He goes and then Sookie can have a word with Amelia for being an awful, awful friend. She yells at Amelia for deliberately telling Alcide and yells at Claude for letting him the house. She then proceeds to kick everyone out the house, including Dermot and Bob who are completely innocent in all this.

Dermot sticks around though because he has no purpose in life, and being in Sookie’s house and helping out does. Sookie lets him stay, and only him. She suddenly thinks that Claude would want to tear the house apart looking for the cluviel dor but I have no idea why.

This has been an odd chapter.


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