A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter seven

This chapter opens with an unexpected discussion of Tara Thornton. Surprisingly to me, Sookie has been chosen to throw her baby shower. This is a woman so concerned with her own life that she forgot to take her battered friend with broken ribs to a hospital.

I swear I like Sookie, I swear I do. I like her better than in earlier books. Honest.

At work, she talks to Andy Bellefleur without being horrible or pointlessly mean, and we learn to my immense joy that Portia Bellefleur is pregnant. I am so happy for her; I’ve always felt that Portia was treated unjustly by Sookie’s narrative, and I never felt the enmity that Sookie did. It didn’t make much sense – Sookie hated her for… having a job and having a big house. What? That’s as good a reason as any, and a definitive reason is never given. Either way, both women have reconciled whatever differences they had and are now getting along much better.

Andy asks Sookie to tell Bill, which is sort of sweet, which I admit with the same painful reluctance as I might have about a tooth being pulled.

Bud Dearborn, the police sheriff who dislikes Sookie for as much given reason as she disliked the Bellefleurs, then feels the need to weigh in on this happy situation.

“Halleigh’s having one, Portia’s having one, Tara’s having two, I hear. Sookie, you need to get you one of those little ‘uns,” he said.

“I don’t need to have a baby just because other women are doing it,” I said. “I’ll have one when I’m ready.”

“Well, you ain’t having one at all if you keep dating that deader,” Bud said bluntly. “What do you think your gran would say?”

Fuck you and your misogynistic bullshit. How dare you make a woman question her place in the world just because she hasn’t got children! And Sookie, I should note, apparently believes that her place in the world is to have children. ARGAHDSHASDJSHDDSFHJFDFFDFFFFF what is this what is this, I thought we lived in a society that no longer clung to proscribed gender roles for women!

Oh and then Sandra Pelt just walks into Merlotte’s. Just like that.

“I try to burn you up, and the fire goes out. I give those jerks free drugs and sex, and send them to grab you, and they bungle it. I try your house, and the magic won’t let me enter. I’ve tried to kill you over and over, and you just won’t die!”

Wow. That was unexpected. And a bit stupid for Sandra, in a place full of witnesses and police officers. Terry Bellefleur sneaks up behind her with a bat, so Sookie taunts her and then Sandra whips out a gun unable to take it any more and shoots Sookie in the face, ending the book and the series.

Actually, Terry just staves her head in and then has a massive PTSD attack.  Sookie has to calm him down while he starts gibbering that a shining man told him to keep Sookie from harm, a big blond man and a shining man came to bother him at his trailer for months, to know what she was doing and who she was dating and who she hated.

So Eric Northman and Niall Brigant made a mentally unstable man do their dirty work. Nice.

Eric is waiting after Sookie’s shift, the gallant knight he is, and tells Sookie that he wants her to live with him. I greatly respect Sookie for turning this down and immediately counters with his disgusting treatment of Terry Bellefleur.

They have a rapidly disintegrating conversation. I really don’t think that their relationship is going to last – they really aren’t very compatible, aside from in the bedroom. And then Amelia and Bob turn up. Huzzah. Amelia doesn’t like Eric so she will always score highly for me. Eric is suspicious of why Amelia is back in Bon Temps, as he is obviously just a nice romantic guy instead of a paranoid sexually obsessed control freak. Eric makes a quick exit and then the witchy pair go to bed.

Bill is out on the porch.


He’s completely healed of poisoning, so he’s free to live as long as his undead life will allow. Asshole. He’s telling Sookie that he’s going to dump Judith, most unceremoniously, for being ‘obsessed with him’. He hasn’t done it yet, as he wants to make sure that Sookie knows first that he only loves her and can only pity people who try and infringe on his ongoing undying love for Sookie.

It’s unfortunate that Judith was listening to the whole conversation. Whoopsie. Judith has a lot of dignity and dumps Bill instead. She refuses to be involved with a man who pities her. Much respect for her. And then Bill rushes over to hold Sookie.

“I love you. I think you’re beautiful and kind and good, and yet you stand up for yourself. You have a lot of understanding and compassion, but you’re not a pushover. And to descend a few levels to the carnal, you have a pair of breasts that should win the Miss America Tit Competition, if there were such a thing.”

Bill, you are an asshole. Please die in a fire.

Also the police let Sandra Pelt escape from hospital.

Bill offers to watch Sookie over the night to make sure she doesn’t die.

Just be careful he doesn’t rape you in your sleep.


One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter seven

  1. Uh why is ‘beautiful and kind and good’ in contrast to ‘stand up for yourself’??? Does he think it’s ugly and evil to stand up for yourself unless you’ve convinced him you’re just that awesome? WHAT THE FUCK.

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