A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter five

The antiques dealers want a few pieces of furniture, some old clothes and a quilt. They give a reasonable sum for these items and then Sookie gets ready for work. At Merlotte’s, she’s replacing a new waitress called India, who’s dating someone Sookie went to school with and the girl apparently once had a crush on her. Sam, the one who has always had a crush on her, is stressing over paperwork and has left the forms for his insurance all over the bar.


Sookie is apparently a legal whizzkid because she reads through them and gets them all sorted out without him noticing. And then Jannalynn comes in.

Tonight Jannalynn was wearing abbreviated denim shorts, those sandals that lace up the calves, and a single blue tank top with no bra underneath.

Nice. She and Sam talk ‘intently’ for most of the night. Jack and Lily Leeds, the private investigators, also come in. Oh, brilliant. More Debbie Pelt stuff. Like we wanted this. It’s getting very old now. They’ve come to tell Sookie that Sandra Pelt is out of jail (wow, pleasant girl) and that she’s gunning for Sookie.

Like the last few books then. No change.

Mr Cataimpossiblenametospell is BY ONE LUCKY COINCIDENCE Sandra’s legal guardian and is looking out for Sookie all this time. Whatever. Apparently he sent the detectives because he could sense trouble was coming Sookie’s way, and just as she’s thinking this, four tough guys come in. Immediately they start sounding off threats and declare to the entire bar that they’re here to kidnap Sookie.

The police are in the bar, so well fucking done. Morons. They get beaten up by pretty much everyone in the bar, and it’s dumb and stupid. There’s no drama to it, at all. It’s incredibly pointless.


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