A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter four

I rose the next day feeling pretty grim in general, but I brightened when I saw that Claude and Dermot had returned to the house the night before.

Oh great, you get to bitch at them. And the antiques people are coming over today! Joy of joys. The reason why the fairies were being soooooo difficult (they really weren’t) is that one of the fairies has gone missing. It’s blood went into the glasses at the club last night. Cait, a female fairy, is most likely dead considering a vampire’s reaction to a bleeding fairy. And then this happens.

“You know when one of your Caucasians marries one of your Negroes, sometimes the babies turn out looking much more like one race than another, seemingly at random.”

Claude is trying to say that Jason has no fairy traits in relation to Sookie. He could have said it any number of different ways; instead he chose this one which makes me rather uncomfortable. Anyway, in another massive unnecessary retcon, it’s revealed that in fact Niall visited the Stackhouse children despite his son’s wishes and that Jason’s lack of the fairy spark started his disinterest. Whatever. This is pointless and doesn’t tie into the ongoing storyline very well. Also Niall was clearly a lazy dumbass, seeing as Jason does have fairy traits – the fairy trait to make people fall in love with him. So there. Niall found out about Sookie through Eric and sent Claudine to look after her.

So…. it’s stated at length that Sookie has to be careful about letting people know about her telepathy but Eric ran off his mouth to the first fairy he met? Dumbass.

Sookie is described as ‘withering’ because she has the audacity to age like the rest of the six billion people on the planet. She feels younger though because her little amount of fairy blood is getting to be more prominent in her nature due to her contact with fairies. It’s not explained brilliantly, so I’ll move on.

There’s a portal to the fairy world in the woods outside Sookie’s house. Hmmm. Don’t think that’ll be important later at all.

She asks Claude to keep his ears open for any news about the firebombing. I’m sure the people responsible for that will visit a strip club and talk loudly about their plans.

Because Dermot is turning into someone too adorable for words, he wants to completely revamp the attic and build himself a bedroom.

The people from Splendide arrive. Woo. They like the house and how historic it is, and get on down to appraising the furniture. An old desk turns out to have a secret compartment. Exciting! There is a small drawstring bag with an envelope inside. An envelope from Sookie’s grandmother, with a letter for her.

This makes me think two things.


  • if she wanted to leave sookie a message in a letter, why did she hide it in a secret compartment in a desk shoved up in the attic?

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