A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead Reckoning’ chapter one

Another day, another Sookie Stackhouse to look at. And I’m feeling pretty sick today, so I hope nothing disgusting happens that’ll make me sick.

The attic had been kept locked until the day after my grandmother died.

Oh, okay, that doesn’t seem too bad.

There were dark shapes all around me, and a very faint musty odor – the smell of old things long forgotten.

That’s a nice line. The attic is full of old Stackhouse family trinkets, and Sookie has induced the help of Claude and Dermot to clean the place up. There’s a hundred and fifty years worth of crap in there, so it’s going to take a while. She decides to burn the more wrecked items, but to give the rest to goodwill or community theatre.

Merlotte’s is not doing brilliantly. A new bar has opened called ‘Vic’s Redneck Roadhouse’ which seems silly in an area with a limited customer pool. There won’t be enough for both businesses to remain sustainable. Sam recommends Sookie try a local antiques store called Spendide’s (really?) which is Jannanlynn’s favourite place to shop. The woman who spends her time cracking skulls and wearing only exercise gear is a massive antiques fan apparently. I would never have guessed this. Sookie has a nice shift anyway, talking to the convicted for manslaughter ex-beauty queen bartender. Charlaine Harris comes up with the most unique character concepts sometimes.

Though I was looking out from the bright bar to the dark parking lot, there were lights out there, and something was moving… moving fast. Toward the bar. I had a slice of a second to think Odd, and then caught the flicker of frame.

Someone firebombs Merlottes by throwing a molotov cocktail through the main window. Of course! That makes perfect sense. Everyone gets out safely, and the fire service shows up to put out the flames. The worst that happens is that Sookie’s hair gets burnt off – oh, no, I mean that Sam might have to pay an extortionate amount to repair the damage to his bar in an unsteady financial climate. Sorry. That would require Sookie to think about others first. Eric shows up when she’s upset.

One of the most wonderful, and the most appalling, things about Eric loving me was that he didn’t give a shit about anyone else.

Yeah, I totally got that vibe in the last book.

Eric’s suggestion for all this? To find Sookie a beautician. What a caring man. He storms about, being angry with all the police and authorities, and not helping the situation at all. Well done.

oh and everyone questions how Sookie knows what a molotov cocktail is. i don’t even know where to begin with that one.

They get home, and Pam and a hairdresser are waiting for them. Immanuel I immediately love. He’s got an awesome haircut and some awesome tattoos, and when this is how he tells Sookie she needs a trim of her burnt hair:

“I’m going to have to take off about three inches,” he said quietly, as if he were telling me a relative was terminally ill.

Bless you. You deserve all the hugs.

The figure I’d spotted running toward the bar, bottle in hand – I couldn’t be completely sure, but I suspected it had not been human.




this is already so much better than the last one i am super psyched


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