A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter thirteen

It’s time for Sookie to meet with the werewolves. And the first clothes porn we’ve had in a very long time!

I’d changed into blue jeans and a pale blue thin T-shirt I’d brought at Old Navy. It said PEACE in golden Gothic letters.

Well done.

Sookie then spends the time on their journey to Shreveport telling Jason all the do’s and don’ts of pack etiquette, even though Jason is a shifter.

“Sookie, you’re talking to me like I’m not two-natured, too. You think I don’t know all that?”

I had to stop underestimating my brother’s shrewdness.

You do. Jason has really grown and developed as a character. He’s still not my favourite (I doubt any of the main characters would be, aside from Pam) but I can respect him now. So start giving him your respect Sookie when you’re chatting vampire politics. They talk a little about Basim’s death, and then they talk about what may go down as the most miserable fucking excuse for a plot device in history – Alexei, who is described as a ‘tick’ siphoning life from all those around him.  Well, I’m so sorry Sookie that this boy had to watch everyone he cared for brutally murdered, almost die himself, get turned, remove his bones to bury in the grave so archaeologists would find remains, and then be molested every day for the last ninety years. I am so sorry that he had to go through all that and be an inconvenience to your and Eric’s fucking relationship. It must be so difficult to live with that.

I felt less and less like a good person every day.

You don’t say? Anyway, they pull up to Alcide’s house, and all the pack are there, including Alcide’s apparent best friend since childhood, a man named ‘Ham’ who has never been seen or mentioned before but is described as if we are intimately equated with him. I think he’s going to be important in the ‘plot’ of Basim’s murder.

Alcide asks Sookie to be the pack shaman. I don’t even know where to begin with this.

  • Sookie doesn’t know what a shaman is, despite knowing and using the word ‘verisimilitude’.
  • Alcide has to explain it ughhh
  • She has to drink a potion and ‘determine the truth of what happened to Basim, and the degree of guilt of everyone involved’
  • what is this bullshit
  • this has never been mentioned before
  • ever
  • why wasn’t it used in book eight when they were trying to work out if they were killing each other
  • what
  • the hell
  • is this
  • Charlaine Harris, I am bored to tears of you introducing stuff without having EVER mentioned it before when it clearly would have been integral to previous books

“A year ago,” I said, “you wouldn’t have asked this of me.”

“A year ago,” he answered, “you wouldn’t have hesitated to drink.”

I crossed to the desk and tossed it down.

This is madness. She just drank a strange yellow liquid. She has no idea what it is. It’s four years old. This is stupid. This is so stupid.

Tomorrow the madness concludes! I finish the last chapter and give my concluding thoughts. Come back to see whether, finally, ANYTHING AT ALL HAPPENS.


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