A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter nine

The weres, Sookie, the vamps and Jason all head out into the woods on a corpse hunt. They’re not scared… well, Sookie is because she doesn’t want them to find the body of Debbie Pelt, even though it seems to be pretty much common knowledge that she murdered her. So there’s not much point in hiding it any more.

“It’s the Long Tooth enforcer,” I told the vampires. I gagged and had to wait a minute before I could go on. “It’s Basim al Saud.”

Oh shit. He was just fodder which is surprising given how much of an introduction he had. I’m guessing that this is going to be the main plot point, the mystery to solve two hundred pages into a three hundred page novel. Thank the lord plot finally reared its head, I was beginning to loose the will to live.

Anyway the new girl Annabelle was with Basim the day he died and this is bad because… I’m not sure, I think she may have been dating Alcide or something. Or she was suspiscious of his actions, I’m not clear on what’s going on. Jannalynn suddenly punches her out and then Alcide declares this to be pack business. Eric thinks that he and Sookie must go to the meeting, but he can’t go due to his deadness. Sookie and Jason can go talk to the pack, after they bury the body again. The wolves don’t help, they strut back out the woods again.

Sookie takes the chance to inform Pam of the recent arrival of Appius Livius and his child Alexei Romanov  Stupid Plot Point.

“Fuck a zombie!”

I love you Pam. You brighten up every chapter that you’re in.

All the vampires leave for Eric’s home in Shreveport and Sookie wonders why Appius has shown up in America again.

Vampire plotting can be pretty convuluted. But I tried to imagine the significance of the Roman’s surprise visit. Surely he hadn’t shown up in America, in Louisiana, in Shreveport, just to catch up on the geezer gossip.

She then theorises that some Bolshevik vampires might be hunting Alexei Stupid Plot, and I want to bang my head against a desk repeatedly until this sentence is wiped from my memory. The vampire child is deeply traumatised – maybe Appius wants Eric to calm him down or help him? Or maybe this is all a trick to mess with Eric’s head for no good reason.

I was sure Appius Livius was having sex with Alexei, but it was impossible to tell whether Alexei’s passive demeanour came from the fact he was in an unwanted sexual relationship or from his being permanently traumatized from seeing his family shot multiple times. I shuddered. I dried off and brushed my teeth, hoping I could sleep.

Sookie warns Eric’s PA, which is actually a nice thing to do. I don’t trust Appius. He is the keeper of the stupid plot point.

In the morning, Claude casually drops that Dermot, the crazy mad fairy who wants to kill Sookie, has been hanging out at his strip club. Fairies have a strong need to be around others of their kind and since being locked outside his world he’s starved of fae magic.

“Claude,” I called up the stairs. “Get decent, if you’re not. The police are here.”

The Bon Temps police force have received an anonymous tip off that Sookie has a body in the woods. So, someone murdered Basim, hid the body on her land, and then called the police so Sookie would be caught. My money is on Sandra Pelt making another unwanted appearance, hoping that the police search would find Debbie’s body. Either way, a good lawyer could exonerate Sookie in a heart beat. A lot of people seem to travel through the woods.

“How could this person claim not to be involved if they knew where the body was exactly? I don’t get it.” I’d hoped Bud would tell me more, but he didn’t bite.

Well he wouldn’t, seeing as the Bon Temps police force are the stupidest in the world. Sookie leaves the police to it – after all, she hid the bodies last night – and checks her email. The scintilating life of Sookie Stackhouse! Sex, death and spam email! She has a message from Halleigh Bellefleur, asking if Bill Compton could bring over the Compton family bible for Miss Caroline to have a look at. The old lady is dying and would like to look at it before she went, seeing as the family was connected to the Comptons.

In a reckless moment, I forwarded Halleigh’s e-mail to Bill. I had come late to e-mail and I still didn’t entirely trust it.

That’s hilarious. It’s like she’s trying to suggest that hotmail just fabricated the whole thing for the lulz.

Hotmail, you magnificent bastard!

The police don’t find a body (surprise, surprise) and then Sookie is outside of vampire matters for three days. She hears nothing from any of ’em, even the big blonde boyfriend. Bill then asks her to take him to the Bellefleurs and stand as his moral support.

It was unworthy to be worrying about the Bellefleurs’ assuming Bill and I were a couple again when Caroline Bellefleur was about to meet her maker.

“Would that be so terrible?” [Bill] asked with a simple dignity.

“No, of course not. I was proud to be your girlfriend.”

He raped you. What pride do you get from that?

Anyway, they go to see Miss Caroline and she’s all ‘golly gosh I’m your great granddaughter isn’t that amazing?’ and I’m not fussed because you all know that I despise Bill and am waiting for his slow and painful death from this silver poisoning. Miss Caroline dies the next day and they hold the funeral at night so Bill can go. Whatever. Sookie runs when they get the buffet out to steal a copy of Bill’s vampire database. Is she tracking down more of Appius’s children? Will they kill him?

Is it bad that I want so many characters to die in this book?


One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter nine

  1. Oh hey look! Another plot point involving rape. Lovely. Why would you drag a famous child out from the depths of history just to make him the victim of rape for millennia? That’s fucked up.

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