A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter six

Today is not a good day. Making videos is one of the few things I really, truly enjoy, but every few weeks, my computer independently decides to not play video files, or stops my editor working, or just runs s-o-o-o-o slowly for no reason at all. It’s fine, it’s healthy, there’s nothing wrong with the machine, it just does this, and I just don’t fucking get it. I’m sat here in fucking tears, because my computer is tearing itself apart and I don’t know why and I can’t bloody fix it – because there’s nothing to fix. I just don’t understand and I’m so frustrated! I don’t even want to blog today, but blog I must.

At six in the morning, Hunter climbed onto my bed. “Aunt Sookie!”

“Uh-huh?” This had to be a bad dream.

“I had a funny dream last night,” Hunter told me.

“Uh?” Maybe a dream within a dream.

So avoiding the obvious Inception joke and it’s killing me.

“This tall man came in my room.”


“He had long hair like a lady.”

“What colour?”


Yeah…. perhaps you should have warned Eric about the fact you have a small child staying in your house. He’s gone to sleep in the secret vampire cubby.

“My lover, I came in too close to dawn to wake you, though I was tempted. Your house is full of strange men. A fairy upstairs and a little child downstairs – but as long as there’s not one in my lady’s chamber, I can stand it. I need to talk to you when I rise.”

Claude, Sookie and Hunter have a very sweet scene where they all eat pancakes. Claude is actually a three dimensional character for once, as he has an unexpected love of children, and him and Hunter get along like a house on fire before Storm FBI rains on them. The FBI agent is back again, despite being paid off, and he shows up to tell her the FBI aren’t interested in her any more. He whines and rants at her because she’s ‘not a human’ until Hunter scares him off with his wicked mind reading skillz.

Pointless development is pointless.

The three then go out to the park, and it’s very sweet. They bump into Tara Thornton and Claude freaks her out by saying that she’s carrying twins. Uh, Claude, you’ve been living with humans for a long time. Why would you just freak out a random woman like that? It makes no sense!

Ugh, whatever. Sookie and Hunter go out to eat, and Hunter freaks out a woman by reading her mind, and they have a fight, and then Remy picks Hunter up, and Sookie is sad to see him go. I was too tired and pissed off to review this bit properly which is a shame, as I really like the relationship between Sookie and her cousin. They have a nice relationship that I would like to see explored…. but I just keep asking WHERE IS THE PLOT?

Also there are a lot of people freaking out in this chapter.


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