A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter five

This chapter sees the return of Hunter, Sookie’s telepathic cousin.

All the yays! This could be a very interesting plot line – Sookie has talked sporadically about having children, and I think Hunter could be a good outlet for any maternal instincts she may have. It’s also a great opportunity for her character to mature and develop.

She starts this new path to maturity by bitching to Claude about how he handed her the phone while she was in the shower. Sorry that his race doesn’t share the same attitudes and values as yours Sookie. It must be very difficult showing him how human ideas are so much better than fairy ones by being a bitch about it. This is her house and she has rules, damn it!

“No nudity, be nice to the human kid.”

Hunter comes round in the evening, and I really utterly adore him. He’s a character who you fall in love with instantly on the page because he’s so perfectly captured. He’s not a twee little mouthpiece that kids can be in books; he could step off the page and be a living, breathing, slightly bratty child. Mucho thumbs up.

He’s here to stay the night because Remy’s aunt has died, and he doesn’t want to force a funeral on a mind-reading kid. Nice guy. Hunter and Sookie immediately get on, and have a very pleasant afternoon chatting to each other with their minds. In the evening, a vampire tracker named Heidi comes to the door. She was sent by Eric to find out what’s the deal with those fairy tracks in the woods. Heidi is a fasinating character; quite forthright (as vampire women tend to be) and has a tragic story about her son, who was the same age as Hunter when she was turned. Because she was only turned twenty years ago, she still has a relationship with him. He’s a drug addict in Reno, and she maintains a fierce maternal devotion to him.

A herd of thoughts thundered through my head, and they were all unpleasant. Did he know the vampire watching him was his mother? What if he OD’d in the daytime, when she was dead to the world? How would she feel if she wasn’t there the night his luck finally ran out? She couldn’t always be on hand. Could it be he’d become an addict because his mother kept popping up when she should be dead?

Heidi comes back two hours later and says that there are two fae tracks in the woods, that they criss-cross each other, and they are recent. Neither belongs to Claude. Oo-eerr. Also there’s an old corpse and a new corpse on the grounds. Well, shit. That’s not good.

Heidi spells out the word corpse so Hunter doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Heidi, I love you so much. Get together with Pam and raise Hunter. That’s my new OTP right there.

Who was the fresh corpse in my woods, and who had planted it there?

If Hunter hadn’t been there, I would’ve picked up the phone to call Eric. I would’ve asked him to bring a shovel and come to help me dig a body up. That was what a boyfriend should do, right?

I love it when Sookie is funny. She can be so witty when she’s allowed to be.

Daaaaaamnnnn, I gotta whole lot of love for this chapter!


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