A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter four

Sorry to be so long! Jubilee weekend at my dad’s. Felt a bit odd to be away from blogging for so long!

Anyway, Sookie and Pam have killed two of Victor Madden’s cronies, Bruno and Corinna.  Eric is on the phone immediately, having sensed Sookie’s danger, but the ever practical Pam warns him that he’s bound to be watched, so he better make an alibi for himself.  They then drive off in the two cars to dump the one the henchmen drove in (after cleaning it for prints).

To my amazement, Pam leaned over to give me a hug. “You did very well,” she said. “You did what had to be done.”

Before now, the FBI had no real reason to investigate Sookie for anything. Now she’s complicit in murder and the hiding of evidence. Not good.

Sookie goes into work the next day, and gets on her little soapbox to Sam about how Americans shouldn’t have to register for anything!

“No one should make you register anywhere. You’re an American. Born and bred.”

So… any immigrant who’s a shifter, by that logic, should be made to register? Poor wording there, Ms Harris. And you’re patriotism…. is very strong in all these books, in a way I find confusing. Sure I’m British and pretty happy to be so, but I wouldn’t go out and say ‘BUT THIS COULDN’T HAPPEN! THIS IS ENGLAND! NOTHING AT ALL BAD HAPPENS TO PEOPLE IN THE UNITED KINGDOM!’ because that’s incredibly dumb. I really can’t tell whether Ms Harris is incredibly patriotic (which I don’t have an issue with, because… why would I? It doesn’t hurt me) but it makes Sookie sound like a mouthpiece – and an ignorant mouthpiece to boot. Anyway, rant over.

Oh, and Sam is dating Jannalynn, the angry badly dressed young woman from Alcide’s pack. Because. Yeah, it makes no sense.

“Jannalynn’s really, really… She’s dynamic.”

You lie so bad Sookie.

Tanya Grissom has gotten married to Calvin Norris as well which is odd because they’ve been dating for only a few months. What is it with relationships in these books? They jump right into commitment so fast they’re like road runner. Bleurgh.

But I like that Tanya is happy.

Then there’s a bit where Claude comes into Merlotte’s and flirts with Terry Bellefleur, and I’m just like – why? Why is this book filled with bits that go absolutely nowhere? Where were the editors? Why don’t they do the job they’re paid to do?

And there’s a bit about the water heater that goes nowhere, and a bit about the new bartender who is introduced and yet treated as if she’s always been waiting on the sidelines that goes nowhere, and I’m really, really bored. It’s unusual for me to be bored in one of these books, and it’s real tough to get through this chapter. Stuff is happening that just isn’t making any impact on the plot or any emotional connection. Bleurgh.

And then Sam and Sookie go out for dinner and I begin to want to eat my own head. They talk about Sam’s family, things I would find very interesting if I wasn’t desperately wishing for this chapter to be over already so I can scrub my brain. And then Pam calls to gloat about how no one knows they murdered Bruno and whatsherface and THE CHAPTER ENDS.

My god. This book is already contending for the worst Sookie Stackhouse novel simply for how disconnected I feel from the plot already. Only nine more chapters to go.


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