A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter three

Updates are delayed until Tuesday; I’m going over to my dad’s this weekend, and he lives in the dark ages of technology.  He has no internet, so I’d be a bit stuck. At least you can enjoy my videos…. hinty hinty :D.

Pam comes round to pick up Sookie after work. YAY I do so adore Pam, and we haven’t seen her properly since book eight, when the good ship Pam/Amelia was hit by the destructive icebergs of heterosexuality and Tray Dawson. Pam immediately craps all over the idea of living with Claude, saying that it’s some fairy intrigue and that Sookie is a ‘fool’. Love you Pam. They start talking super speshul vampire politics; basically, Victor Madden wants all the powers in Louisiana, and trying to discredit Eric, possibly even kill him. Pam is described as a ‘Victorian middle class young lady’ which infuriates me. She said she was turned 200 hundred years ago, and as these books are roughly dated to the 2000’s, this makes her a REGENCY lady. There’s a forty year gap between regency and Victorian. It’s Mister Darcy and Elizabeth, not Victoria and Albert.

Do your maths and history research!

By the by, this is an example of regency dress. Not exactly the huge dress, massive hair combination described by Harris in Pam’s back story. Dear lord, do your research woman!

The two head on to Eric’s house, which has never been seen in the books before. It’s a suburban box, that’s a bit gaudy for my tastes but he’s a big old vampire so it keeps in line with his character and history. Sookie and him are very happy to see each other, and chat a little about the Alcide situation. Apparently the US government is trying to push through a shifter registration act, which is … not good. It’s uncomfortably fascist. They’re trying to appeal to the local rep, Katherine Boudreaux, but she’s not doing much for them. Pam tried to seduce her, Eric’s PA tried to bribe her. Not one of them tried, you know, talking to her about it. Whatever. Supernatural politics would be much simpler if they took the time to chat to each other. The conversation then veers back to the ever-present influence of Victor Madden, a vampire I am meant to hate but just can’t. He’s meant to be slimy and unpleasant, but seeing as he’s polite and dislikes Eric, I like him. Immensely.

Anyway, Pam and Eric think that Victor is trying to make himself king.

Why doesn’t Eric want to be king? He’s one of the oldest vampires in North America, and immensely powerful and cunning. But why isn’t he more ambitious? No king or queen would want him to work for them – he would always be a threat, so monarchs are always going to be gunning for him. Why not climb to the top of the pile?

Then Sookie gives Eric a blow job. Classy. Pam drives Sookie home after this, which spells out ‘booty call’ not ‘beloved wife-to-be of mine’. Pam doesn’t think Sookie should live with Claude blah blah blah Eric will be upset blah blah blah. Whatever. Look at this diamond of an exchange:

“You’re kidding me, right? Claude is gay. Not only does he like men, he likes men with beard stubble and oil stains on their blue jeans.”

“What does that mean?” Pam said.

“That means he likes blue-collar guys who work with their hands. Or their fists.”

Pam is two hundred years old. She is not stupid. Please stop writing that vampires don’t understand modern times. It’s an annoying vampire stereotype that makes no sense. Come on! Being old doesn’t mean that they don’t understand what’s going on around them. If they weren’t able to change with the times, then they wouldn’t be able to survive!

So there. You got told.

Then one of Victor Madden’s cronies pull them over and try to kill them. So Pam and Sookie murder them by the side of the road.

Remember when this was a fun and fluffy romance series?



One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter three

  1. Seriously, it doesn’t make sense that these powerful vamps don’t understand tech. If Pam and Eric can have a successful business in the modern world, they should be able to understand what blue/white collar is. Also, it’s a poor predator that can’t blend in effectively in the prey’s world. Kinda makes you wonder how these vamps were able to stay secret for so damn long if they can’t seem to adapt to the changing times.

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