A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter two

This chapter opens with confirmation that yes, Halleigh and Andy Bellefleur are having a baby. It’s nice to have happy, joyful things pop up in these books, otherwise the mood would just be constantly uncomfortable or miserable. (On an aside note, I’ve just started reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series now I have…. some free time, and by the space pope of Asgard it is beautiful. And full of unrelenting misery. I need to read happier things!)

Anyway, Sookie is worrying about what to do about the body on her property and the fact that fairies are on the loose. They shouldn’t be because all the portals to Fairy Land were closed in the last book. SHENANIGANS are abounding. She talks us through using the WONDERS of her EMAIL – seriously? this book was published in 2010. Ms Harris, everyone knows about email – and then Claude the fairy comes round, asking to live with her now that both his sisters are dead.

Oh-kay. Claude has to be around creatures with fairy blood to stay sane, and Sookie has just enough to make him happy. He also brings a message from great-grandfather of the year Niall, which is written on the cured skin of the water sprites who murdered her parents. Didn’t the torturers in the last book kill her parents? They bragged about it and everything! Anyway, Niall bribed the FBI to leave her alone (awfully convenient) and Claudine left all her money to Sookie (again, awfully convenient).

Well, that solved a lot of problems very quickly. Maybe Claude can solve the problem of the fairy in the woods! Maybe he’s the fairy in the woods!  Well, no, this one isn’t solved in a single sentence. Claude has not felt the need to go running around some scrubby trees in Nowhere, Louisiana. There are some fairies still loose in the world though, the main risk being Dermot, the ‘crazy’ great-uncle who wanted to murder Sookie and her family.

That’s a real good job you did there Niall. Before sealing your entire world off from another, an action that can never EVER be reversed, why not grab that dick who is trying to murder your family, instead of leaving him with your human relatives?

Also, Sookie won’t let Claude bring men back to the house. She laughs it off, saying that she’s not being homophobic but…. uh, that makes you sound homophobic by saying that. Just saying. Claude is rather polite about it, and offers to fully help around the house.

Grief and loneliness seemed seemed to have woken something in the beautiful fairy; he appeared to have come to the realization that he had to show a little kindness to other people if he wanted to receive kindness in return. Claude seemed to understand that he needed others, especially now that his sisters were gone.

Character development for everyone!

Sookie heads out to Merlotte’s for her evening shift, to find that tertiary character Holly the wiccan has gotten engaged. So much happy! Then Tara comes in and talks about her due date, which is also lovely and happy.

Then Sookie calls Eric, and his presence is like a millstone around her neck. I really don’t like Eric, and I find all the supposedly cutesy romance stuff for Sookie to be very forced and not genuine compared to the nice things happening around her. Eric has a meeting with Victor Madden, who likes Eric about as much as I do. He’s not willing to listen to Sookie’s problems though. Oh, Eric, you loveable romantic hero you!

“Foof Eric!”

Yes, that is a real sentence in a real published book. I didn’t even write stuff like that when I was fourteen, and I thought writing real person fic (the most darkest and blackest section of the fanfiction lexicon) was cool. Pam will be over at one in the morning, as Sookie apparently can’t drive herself around.

This was going to be a very long day.

Oh, this is going to be a very long book. Of just fourteen chapters. EURGH. WHEN IS SOMETHING GOING TO HAPPEN.



One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter two

  1. Apparently the two who killed Sookie’s parents and tortured her are the same ones whose skin she got the letter on – they’re supposed to be water sprites, as all the ones who were with Breandan were. I guess it just wasn’t clear that they were water sprites.

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