A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead in the Family’ chapter one

Warning to you my lovely followers – my posts are going to be very erratic over the next few days. Moving around between parent’s houses, getting my nose ring changed, editing my first second season reviews (HINT HINT they are going to be very good!) and I’m doing a lot of stuff in my home county. Hope you can understand, and if you want updates on the situation, like the facebook page or follow me on twitter. I hope to keep up the movie reviews though; my Snow White and the Huntsman review should be up in a few days.

And on with the previously scheduled review.


I am so glad that you told me it is April in big, bold letters. Anyway, Alcide is back! Properly this time, as we actually have a conversation with him. He asks Sookie whether the Shreveport pack can run on her land. She’s fine with it, because werewolves on your property really keeps away the intruders and murderers. Ms Harris also drops the fact that shapeshifters call humans ‘oneys’ something which has NEVER EVER been mentioned before, but is treated as being well known. Oneys is a stupid word. There are some ‘oneys’ on Alcide’s land so the pack can’t run there. Uh, if they’re trespassing on your land then why don’t you call the police? I mean, whenever I trespassed on a farmer’s land near me, they used to shoot until we ran. And I was ten. Alcide, get your shit together.

Sookie then phones Sam to see whether he wants to run with the pack. He says he doesn’t think he should, comparing it to ‘going to an NAACP meeting in blackface’. Ooooo that’s an uncomfortable comparison. He has been dating someone in the pack though, which probably means he’s finally getting over his unrequited crush on Sookie. Good for him!

There’s pottering about doing chores until evening when the werewolves arrive. Alcide and Sookie are delighted to see each other and it’s nice to see that they’ve gotten over the thorny issues that separated them. I like Alcide, on the whole, and it’ll be good to have him back properly. He has a ‘second’, as Ms Harris is sort of adding bullshit werewolf stuff because…. reasons, a man called Basim al Saud. There’s quite a few new pack members, in particular a woman called Annabelle Bannister. Annabelle doesn’t think much of Sookie until she pulls out the old mindraping trick.

So there bitch.

You so fierce Sookie.

Anyway, in the morning after the weres have done all whatever it is that they do, Basim comes up to the door to warn her that fairies have been running over her land and very recently. Oh, and they dug up the year and a half old body of Debbie Pelt.

When is she going to go away?

I had a lot to think about.


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