A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter seventeen

Sorry for missing the post yesterday – was out at an acoustic punk rock barbecue and then went to see MIB3 (the review of which I shall post just after this). And I wasn’t looking forward to reviewing this chapter.  This is not a chapter I wanted to analyse in any critical sense, because it’s very difficult and painful.

This is a chapter about torture. Sookie has been kidnapped by two fairies working for Breandan.  They are actually the murderers of her parents (knew that reminding of us of their deaths was rammed into the narrative rather forcefully for some purpose), they were responsible for Crystal being crucified, and then spend the rest of the night torturing Sookie, slowly, viciously, and horribly. It’s unpleasant to read, because the chatty casualness of Charlaine Harris’s writing just works perfectly for scenes of intense physical pain.

The idea is to torture her as long as possible until Niall cracks and shuts all the portals to Faery, sealing them away from the human world forever. But the problem is that they’re having far too much fun to stop. They’re going to get carried away and end up killing her in a spectacularly nasty way.

I gave up hope, and I waited for death.

Sookie is in so much pain she begins to hallucinate.  She imagines that she sees Bill behind the fairies, telling her to keep quiet.  She tells her torturers that they’re going to die, but they just mock her croakiness and jab her with razor blades.

Then, to my intense pleasure, [the male fairy] was in two pieces and I was covered in a wash of fresh blood. It ran over me, drenching the blood already dried on my skin. But my eyes were clear, so I could see a white hand gripped Two’s neck, lifting her, spinning her around, and her shock was intensely gratifying as teeth almost as sharp as her own ripped into her long neck.


why didn’t eric show up?


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