A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter sixteen

Sookie goes to work after the death of Mel Hart. She works on auto-pilot for the whole of her shift so she doesn’t have to think about the awful things she knows about and has seen in the past few days.

Don’t blame her.

Why would someone steal the half-dead Crystal and the wood, and to a deed so disgusting?

In a book where Sookie’s ex-best friend was complicit in a plan to crucify her and string her up as a lesson for the crime of being born with the ability to change into an animal for ridiculous religions reasons, I’m not sure that’s a particularly clever question to ask.

Then OH CRAP she arranged to meet Amelia at Tray’s house, something which I don’t remember coming up in the narrative. After the shift she drives over and the house is dead of life. There’s no one there at all. Maybe Tray has gone a little crazy and murdered Amelia, and is lying in wait to kill Sookie. Maybe Tray recovered from being poisoned and he and Amelia ran off to Vegas or something.  Maybe Amelia isn’t even there at all and Tray spontaneously became atoms. The smartest thing to do is call up Bill –

– and have him look over the house, so she doesn’t get jumped on by a crazy fairy or some other shit. Bill runs over to the house and begins to look inside.

Then Amelia calls Sookie and says when she didn’t see him or Sookie she figured everything was fine and went back. Girlfriend of the year there. Bill says Tray isn’t in the house, but there’s clear signs of a fight. Sookie arranges a password with Amelia, so the witch who can’t tell when things aren’t her roommate and are in fact intensely powerful magical beings, can make sure it’s her.

While making this precaution, Sookie spectacularly fails at keeping herself safe until she gets until her house. As much as I detest Bill, she should have gotten him to walk her into her house. Instead she just walks alone through the dark yard and gets jumped immediately.

I heard a few words in a language I didn’t recognise, but for a second I thought, He’s mumbling, and I couldn’t imagine what a man behind me would be mumbling, and I was about to put my foot on the first step to the back porch.

And then I didn’t know a thing.

Sookie, you have like three fucking bodyguards. What the hell??


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