A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter fifteen

Who has Sookie got to protect her?

Fuckin’ Bubba.

Oh yes, get Bubba, whose sense has long left the reservation, who has done nothing but fuck up each and every situation he’s been brought into! This is a brilliant plan! Nothing can go wrong!

Eric, why couldn’t you send Pam to watch over Sookie? She’s competent and doesn’t annoy the crap out of me.

The werewolves have sent over Tray Dawson. It makes sense, seeing as he’s dating Amelia, but won’t he be too busy getting busy to watch over Sookie?

“Hey, Tray!” Bubba shook hands, laughing because he’d made a rhyme.

oh i am this close to start ripping this book up

Tray has a go at Sookie for not telling them about the fairy BS, which is far enough, so Sookie gives a basic rundown of the whole fairy-and-Dermot thing. She then goes to bed, and dreams of Eric being human. When she wakes up, Tray is being violently sick. Apparently, Bill’s new woman gave him something to drink and he was compelled to glug it all down – fairy magic. He’s been poisoned, and can’t watch over Sookie. So he drives home, alone and completely vulnerable. Sookie decides to ask Jason to watch over her.

Uh, what about Tray? He’s been poisoned by some unknown substance and is vulnerable to fairy magic. They know he’s helping you. They’re probably going to kill him.

Niall then shows up, warning that his enemies have killed a fairy woman, and then buggers off again. Useful.

Sookie phones Jason, and he’s been visited by his evil fairy double. He’s a touch surprised about the whole thing. Dermot called Mel Hart a killer (well, remember what he said last chapter and I agree) and tried to kill him. Sookie finally tells Jason the truth about the Stackhouse family history, and how they’re descended from fairies. He takes it rather well, considering the stresses of the last few days.

“If I see that crazy half-and-half again, I’ll kill the son of a bitch.”

Ah, I see not. Oh dear. Sookie and Jason drive over to his place, and she calls Calvin Norris to meet them there. She’s called him over to give judgement on a wrongdoing. Mel killed Crystal Norris. Mel is in love with Jason. He left Hotshot because he was gay, and didn’t want to be forced to father a child.

“I love Jason,” he said, “I love him. And she abused him and his child. And she taunted me. She came here that day…. She began to say… she said awful things. Then she told me I had to have sex with her, that if I did, she’d tell them at Hotshot and I’d be able to go back to live there, and Jason could come live with me. She said, ‘His baby’s inside me; doesn’t that  get you all hot?’ And it got worse and worse. It was… she was… she kept telling me what a pussy I was and that Jason would never care about me… and I slapped her as hard as I could.”

oh my god thats awful why is crystal so awful why why why is this happening. she fell on mel’s truck, cause he was transporting some wood and he didn’t know if she was dead or not so he drive to merlotte’s because he’s a horrible sack of crap and left her in the truck while he went to get a beer and when he came out she was gone so he thought that she just walked off or something and carried on his merry way. what is wrong with you???????????????



I didn’t even turn to look even when the other panthers began to tear Mel apart.

He bloody well deserves it. What an unpleasant character.

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