A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter fourteen

I kept my mental ears open that night, so it was a hard evening for me.

Paranoid that fairies are hiding behind every counter and surface, Sookie has all her mental gates open at Merlotte’s and it’s hard going. She’s bombarded on all sides (mental sides, strictly speaking) and has to try and operate with her mind full of the detritus of the consciousness of other people.  It’s like thinking through pudding. We do learn, however, that adorable police officers Kevin and Kenya are now living together, and that Halleigh Bellefleur thinks she might be pregnant.

Jason’s werepantherlion friend Mel comes in, and hugs Sookie.  He’s very worried about Jason as he might loose his job. I don’t care. Sookie thinks about what the reasons could be that he was exiled from Hotshot…. and then he talks to her about the bar’s resident alcoholic; in Hotshot, apparently, they let people like that die.  They refuse to give them food or shelter ‘if they can’t seek it for himself or herself’.

That’s horrible. Please don’t talk to Mel any more, or think Hotshot is a nice place.That’s a despicable thing to do. Alcoholism and addiction are diseases that can be cured. It’s not a case of ‘they’re just weak’, and that’s bordering close on eugenics.

Sookie gets two text messages that night, granting her protection against the evil forces of her family, given by Eric and by Alcide.

“Tray called. Trouble Ur way?” it read. “We owe U.”

I find it inexplicably hilarious that Alcide uses text language. Come on dude, you’re a badass werewolf. You type like a thirteen year old girl.

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