A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter twelve

Bullets flew through the air like pine pollen in the spring.

Sookie dives to the ground and is unharmed.  Arlene gets a crease on her shoulder and starts squealing like a bitch.  The bullet that creased Arlene hits the female FBI agent in the chest. Andy shoots Arlene’s boyfriend. The male FBI agent shoots the other Fellowship guy and kills him.

I find it almost ironic that they need to call 911 to deal with this.

Sookie realises too late that these guys did not kill Crystal and were not responsible for her crucifixion.  But they were still going to horribly butcher her so it doesn’t really matter that they died in a gun battle with the police. She gets questioned by the police and watches the bodies get airlifted away, realising she doesn’t feel sorry at all about what happened to them, something I can’t judge her for. It was them or her, and seeing as they were bigoted arseholes, it’s probably all for the best.

A fairy stares at her for a while, then wonders off.

She goes to work, and the chef tells her that the busboy saw a fairy so she sorta reveals the whole secret existence of fairies. You just can’t trust her with anything.

No one suddenly announced that he was a gargoyle and wanted a place at the American table.

Well, at least until their castle rises above the clouds.

No one stomped out in a hissy. No one tried to kill me or warn me or lie to me; no one paid me any special attention at all.

Sam is back properly from tending to his injured mother, and his stepfather has filed for divorce. He says that she doesn’t deserve any money because she didn’t disclose her true nature when they married. Hmmm. While that is true, I think she’s probably got a good defence case. I mean, he did try to kill her.

And then Sam smells the trace of vampire on her skin and gets all prickly and mad. She has to admit to him that she’s sort of seeing Eric. In all the other books, Sam generally is furious whenever Sookie dates anyone but he seems to take it on the chin in a very resigned way.

What’s this? Character development? MY GOD.

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