A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter ten

Where did we leave Sookie yesterday? Oh yes, she’d just been knocked out by a rampaging weretiger who wasn’t dealing well with rejection and was going to force her to date him.

Oh, there are so many things I could say about that, but I’m going to move on and focus on today’s chapter.

Cold water trickled over my face and neck. I spluttered and choked as some trickled into my mouth.

Sookie has been laid out on her bed by Eric, who has thoughtfully stripped her of all her clothes. Such a kind man. He decides to use this time to ask her if she loves Quinn. She ignores this and asks what the hell happened when she was unconscious. The two guys broke some bits of each other and then went away. She asks whether Eric gave her some blood, and he says he did.  Mister High-handed.

“Explain. I don’t know this term.”

He is one thousand years old and has never heard the phrase ‘high-handed’.

He then announces he is ‘horny’ and ‘it’s time I claimed what is mine’. Eurgh. That makes my stomach turn. I’m sorry, any Eric fans out there, but he really doesn’t appeal to me. I find him him to be… it’s hard to explain; there’s something I find deeply unlikeable about how he treats her, as if he owns her. It doesn’t smack of respect. It feels like  a very nasty, patronising way of looking at women – like they need to be protected.

Anyway, his sense of TIMING is like any other man in the rest of these books. They have sex right after she has recovered from a blow to the head serious enough to cause like, an hour of unconsciousness. Well done there.

The sex is totes amazing as well.

I find it to be a bit cringey to be honest. Let’s look at a bit:

He said inside as if he’d never been gone, as if we’d made love every night for the past year. “This is best,” he said again. “This is right.” He pulled out a little and I made a choked noise.

“Not hurting?” he asked.

“Not hardly,” I said.

“I am too big for some.”

“Bring it on,” I said.

He shoved forward.

“Ohmigod,” I said through clenched teeth.

I have no words to sum up my reaction to any of this. Just… my god my skin is crawling. I do not like reading any of Harris’s sex scenes. I really don’t.

It had been a while since I’d sex, and this was like…. gourmet sex.

Yeah. Doesn’t read like it.

They have sex again straight afterwards.

Eric then ruins this mood by asking her what she wants. I mean, she must want to sit around and live off his money, right? Sookie declines which is something I can respect her for. She wants to continue to work and live independently. Eric is confused and asks whether she loves him. Again, proving me wrong, Sookie doesn’t say she does to make her life easier. She says she enjoys spending time with him, and that love doesn’t simply come from a blood bond and having sex.

Sookie has really grown as a character. She’s much more enjoyable and respectable in the past two books.

The two continue to talk. For some reason, Eric talks about Renfield as if he were a real person. No. No he’s not. He’s from Dracula. Dracula is not real. You can’t claim Dracula is real in your universe, Ms Harris. Just no.They have a nice night and Eric leaves in the morning. And Sookie notices that Bill has sort of being staring at the house. Possibly all night.

Move on Bill. Hang on, why can’t any of the men who’ve ever been interested in Sookie move the fuck on? What is up with that?

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One thought on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter ten

  1. I think it’s intended to be a part of her being a fairy? I think Harris mentioned them being super attractive to other people, and there are some (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) that cause a kind of obsession for them (and with how vamps act toward fae in general in this series, it seems to be ramped up to 11 for them). So I think they can’t move on because of that, though I don’t think it’s ever stated in the books.

    Also, I’d be flipping my shit if I woke up naked with a man over me and he said he was going to ‘claim what’s his.’ That’s so fucking rapey, I swear. Also, show!Eric is a lot better, or at least a lot less fucking CREEPY. And his relationship with Pam is 85% the reason I watch(ed) it.

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