A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter six

Crystal’s body is finally removed from the cross, in full view of a whole crowd of onlookers. What is wrong with the Bon Temps police force? Sookie spends the time talking to that awful tramp Tanya Grissom, who has now moved in with Calvin. They talk about the murder because it isn’t an awkward and painful situation at all.

“Really, Sookie, does it make any different if the killer knew or not? The end is the same. The baby is dead, and so is Crystal, and she died afraid and alone.”

So stop asking fucking weird questions about the murder Sookie.

She goes home and immediately tells Octavia and Amelia all the grisly details of the death. Octavia’s insurance from loosing all her worldly possessions has finally arrived, and it’s just enough to buy a second hand car. Wow. That’s harsh. She offers to do another ectoplasmic reconstruction to see who killed Sookie, but Sookie declines the offer for reasons of plot convenience   because the witches might be seen. Feeling miserable, Sookie decides to pay a visit to Eric to make herself feel better. Hang on, you are CROSS with him for forcing him to be pledged to him, not AROUSED by him. Silly Sookie, can’t you help yourself.

Also backstory. Major backstory!

The long, long life of Eric Northman. Well, just the first twenty or so years.

“I was counted a man at twelve. I married at sixteen. My wife’s name was Aude. Aude had… we had … six children.”

Hang on, Aude? Similar to Aud?

“Three lived. Two boys and a girl. Two died at birth. And with the sixth child, Aude died, too. And became a vengeance demon. She and the baby caught a fever. I suppose it was from some sort of an infection. Then, if people got sick, they mostly died. Aude and the baby perished within houses of each other. I buried them in a beautiful tomb. My wife had her best broach on her dress, and I laid the baby on her breast.  I was in my early twenties, perhaps twenty-three. Aude was older. She had been my elder brother’s wife, and when he was killed in battle, it fell to me to marry her so our families would still bonded. But I’d always liked her, and she was willing. She wasn’t a silly girl; she’d lost two babies of my brother’s, and she was glad to have more that lived.”


How did you get made then Eric? Because I am totally enthralled as I’ve always loved your character. When is Pam going to come back by the way?

“It happened not long after Aude’s death. I missed her, you see, and I needed someone to raise the children. No such thing as a househusband then.I had to go raiding.I had to be sure the saves were doing what they ought in the fields. So I needed another wife. One night I went to visit the family of a young woman I hoped would marry me. But I had a lot to drink there, and on my way home that night…It was the full moon. I saw a man lying hurt by the side of the road. Ordinarily I would have looked around to find those who had attacked him, but I was srunk. I went over to help him; you can probably guess what happened after that.”

Eric was turned by a Roman soldier called Appius Livius Ocella. Who raped him to control him. No, I’m sorry, but I am fed up with how many times rape is used as a plot device in these books. I understand that it’s a display of control and dominance which was used as a tactic at the time, and is used by vampires over their children, but there has not been one Charlaine Harris Southern Vampires book that has not had rape mentioned at least once. I do not want to read anything else about rape of either gender, mentally, physically or any other way possible.

Anyway, Sookie and Eric dance around and have a romantic moment. They talk about the FBI and how the witches spell in Dead to the World would make Eric go to his heart’s desire without ever realising it. Awwwww it must be troooo luvvv.

I do not want Eric and Sookie to have a relationship. I really don’t.

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2 thoughts on “A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter six

  1. Yeah, great, Eric goes to find his heart’s desire, which is apparently Sookie. Does she ever get *her* heart’s desire? Does she ever even find out what that is? Are there any men in this series who are not awful in one way or another? Because I’ve read most of the series and I’m not remembering any. That’s kinda sad.

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