A review of Charlaine Harris’s ‘Dead and Gone’ chapter five

Sorry for the lack of review yesterday! My last exam is on Tuesday, and I was at a friend’s house playing Zelda and Mass Effect revising until about eleven at night. It’s odd for me to miss a day, so I hope you guys were able to cope without your fix of Southern Vampire deliciousness.

Anyway, human crucifixion.

There was a traditional cross erected in the employee parking lot, back by the trees where the gravel gave way to dirt. A body was nailed to it. My eyes scanned it, took in the distorted body, the streaks of dried blood, came back up to the face.

“Oh, no,” I said, and my knees folded.

I took a deep breath and managed to look again. Crystal’s bloody hands were panther paws. The lower part of her legs had changed, too. The effect was even more shocking and grotesque than the crucifixion of a regular human woman and, if possible, more pitiful.

That’s awful. I can’t believe it. This is so unexpected it. The sheriff immediately thinks Jason did it because their break up was ‘pretty public’. Yeah, I’m sure Jason was going to wait a few months, then brutally murder his wife and unborn child. Urgh. Anyway, the FBI reaction that this is a hate crime. I’m so glad that they went through years of training and university to get that conclusion. The police then decide to phone up Jason and Calvin Norris, because they need to see the horribly mutilated corpse of someone they love. While it’s still attached to the cross. Jason bursts into tears and reveals that he has a very good alibi – he spent the night with a woman. Calvin freaks out and demands to sniff Crystal’s body, and then there’s a little bit saying how the sheriff somehow knows about the Hotshot mountain lions.

Remember a few books ago, when it was revealed that they murdered the previous police sheriff? Yeah. This makes sense.

While they’re waiting for the body to be taken down (the Bon Temps police force sure do take their sweet time. It’s like they have no respect or competence at anything) Sookie ruminates about the new werewolf legislation. It’s very favourable, much more favourable than the vampire laws. There’s a lot of stuff about sports and the military, but I got really annoyed when it’s mentioned that it’s illegal for vampires to own and run casinos… aside from the fact that in Dead as a Doornail, Mickey’s sire RAN A CASINO. And Alcide in Club Dead had to help Sookie because his dad was a gambler at a VAMPIRE CASINO and owed them money.

Ms Harris, do you even read your own books? And why do you hate the police so much?

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